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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

orgasms. beautiful. agony.

do you like watching women have orgasms? if so, gather 'round and read on...

when the Mrs. and i are together on those cold southern california nights, it's usually a very quiet night in. we like to partake of that new Trader Joe's sipping chocolate and pretend we're european, while warming our feet by the hearth.

we'll sip slowly and talk softly, while telling tales of our day. she tells me how she gave an autograph to a small boy who looked like charlie from Willy Wonka, and how it warmed her soul. i tell her how a tiny hummingbird landed on my shoulder just as i was planting sunflower seeds in our backyard, and that i brought it home so that it could sing with us when we have our nightly sing-a-longs.


ah yes, quiet nights. warm words. good times.


that is until Mcphee gets rowdy and decides she wants to watch various strangers have orgasms on the computer. and who am i to judge her? so i go along with it. i sit there for hours...and hours...while she browses a lovely website from Australia called and then...of course...we do each other.

people who look like the chick below, ya know, doin' themselves. filming it. and showing the world. for a price of course! $20 per month. yowsa! but Mcphee's payin' so i dont gives a hoot how much she pays to watch (and listen to!) ladies pet their va-JA-JAs. ive noticed that there are a few lesbians on the site. nice bonus:-) i know some of you are already...hee...*members*...of the site. and some of you will be learning about this for the first time right now. just know that its targeted towards the 18+ crowd. there is no nudity, but a whole lot "oohs...and aaahs". you know, basically, good times all around. i personally think its like looking at art. but i never graduated college, so what do i know? ;-) love the idea or hate it, you know youre curious;-)

here's a preview...

play windows media

play quicktime

there are a couple of more free vids on the site:


Sam said...

Where the hell do you find these things, damn woman you are hooking us up that is for sure.

Meeks said...

Hehe..ya know? I really enjoyed just reading what YOU wrote Arlan, it was very entertaing...BUT alas that girl's facials were pretty funny as well!!

Thanks Arlan...YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting BA for about a year and I think it's an amazing site. SO damn hot.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I wish I wasn't broke then I'd join for sure.
Sux to be. :(

But OMG how cute is the black chick when she climaxes?
Thanx for the link Arlan.:)