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Sunday, June 24, 2007

God bless Hungary!

there's been a lot of porn talk around here lately, and i'm here to put an end to it once and for all.

...cause i feel like we should stop talking about it, and just watch some together.


obviously these clips from aren't explicit at all. they're quite lovely actually. if you're 18+ and wanna see what happens next though, go here. Viv is a chick's name. this Viv, however, is a dude. but somehow he still manages to produce a few really nice lesbian films. and when i say "lesbian," i mean good looking *straight and sorta bi actresses going down on each other*. and when i say "films," i mean *porn.*

here are some more options...

lesbian porn made by lesbians...(really cool!)

bondage + pain lezzy porn. seriously hardcore warned!

hardcore *straight* consensual warned!



Kerstyne said...

I don't like lesbian porn, lol. There's something about the majority of it that just looks like two horny porn stars who would accept anything in their vajayjays; man, woman, vegetable or machine.

Ech. Show me Willow and Tara being sweet anyday.

Anonymous said...

not bad, i do prefer amatures though

lots of girls kissing in my favorites is anyone is bored

Michelle said...

Oh Arlan, thank you so much for introducing me to cyber-dyke...I'm hooked! REAL LESBIANS (or at least some bi chicks) and REAL BUTCHES getting it on....oh man oh man, I don't think my lap top has gotten a break in two days! ;)