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Friday, March 28, 2008

Imagine All the People...

Hey! Some of you may have noticed that for the first time since I started this blog in the summer of 2006 I'm not updating daily. I'm checking in on your comments and messages though, so keep those coming. The reason I'm out of pocket is because of a crazy little idea I first had a couple of weeks ago. Now there's a new website, some videos about it and more amazing stories than I'll ever be able to retell...and I just started on Monday night! The reason this is a lesbian moment is because I wanted to make sure you guys knew that I plan on making the new version of INTERLUDE (my indie magazine that's the inspiration for this quest/fundraiser) a lesbian-themed mag. It'll be different than anything you've ever read or subscribed to and I'll hopefully be able to release the first issue by July! Here's some more info on what I'm doing in my QUEST TO MEET 10,000 HUMAN BEINGS IN PERSON IN ONE MONTH!!

There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I've challenged myself to do, but that's not stopping me. I will however have to stop selling 90% of my shirts in the next few days for a WHILE, because it's becoming more than I can handle. This site and my other sites will get back to semi normal soon, but while I'm in and out of the *daily lesbian moment* lair, I hope you'll take this dude's advice:



Brian said...

arlan, if you're going to california in the near future let me know via myspace and my loser ass can be one of your ten thousand ;-)

--Brian, 30 male, Silicon Valley

Sapphicspencil said...

Heya XD I just wanted to say thanks for posting about my videos 'Kissing Kim Possible' and "Loving Kimberly Ann'. I've had loads of hits because of you *hugs*

Your blog is awesomeness btw, I check it regularly.

Kestin aka sapphicspencil

Anonymous said...

Arlan, what about NYC?

Anonymous said...

You go, Arlan!!!! That's a really great idea, people should go out, see other people!!!! You just motivated me, to go out, instead of sitiing on myspace!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

HEY! COME VISIT ORLANDO FLORIDA! you will mett tons of people from all over and me :]

jsut poppin out an idea for ya

kylie (a reader)