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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls!

I'm writing to you from a McDonald's at LAX right now. Yep, anything for free wi-fi access:-) I don't have much time online but I HAD to jump on and let you know about my new friends in Girl in a Coma! I first heard about the band last summer when I was asked to interview them for . Then after seeing them play a ROCKIN' show at the Viper Room in L.A. a few weeks later, I was officially hooked.

I had the opportunity to catch them last week when we were all in Houston, and they've somehow managed to get even better. I can't say this enough: If you're in one of the cities they're visiting on tour this month, GO SEE THEM! If you tell any of the 3 girls that Arlan sent you, they've promised to give you a free sticker pack or something cool that they have with them. So go see the show, and let that be the icebreaker when you want to meet them. Cause believe me, you will want to meet them after you see them play:-)

You can hear lots of music, see all of their tour dates, and fall in love by going to

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Ana said...

I'm a big fan as well. Luckily I'm in Austin and they play here regularly.

Seeing them this Sunday at The Grind, in fact :)