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Thursday, September 18, 2008

New York, Boston, Columbus and Chicago!!

I'm on my way to you for this:!!

If you are in or near any of these cities, and you'd like to meet up with me while I'm there, please email me at with THE CITY as your SUBJECT! In your email, please list the following:

Your name:
Your age:
Your cell phone number: (so i can send you a text when I'm around!)
If you live in the city or if you're traveling from someone else to meet:
Your bra size: (haha...well not really...bummer.)

Here's my mini tour schedule so far!

Saturday, September 20th - New York City

Sunday, September 21st - Cambridge/Boston, MA

Tuesday, September 23rd - Columbus, OH

Wednesday, September 24th - Chicago

*Please note that due to scheduling (and funding) problems, I had to cancel the Philadelphia portion of the trip:-( That sad face is REAL, y'all. I was SO looking forward to meeting you guys in Philly. But I promise to reschedule something ASAP.

Go to to see which venues I'll be at during these nights on their tour.

Ahhh!! I can not WAIT to meet you guys!

Give $3. Save my spleen...and my ass.

I'm getting ready to go on my mini tour and I'm HELLA underfunded for it. I know I ask a lot of you guys (and I hope you feel I give back some too), but I have a favor to ask. If you are willing and able, and have an extra $3, $5, or $10 to spare, please donate it to my 10,000 people travel fund.

I would never ask for help if this were a vacation or some sort of leisurely getaway. It's a's something that I hope will inspire thousands of people...and it's not easy to do on my own. If everyone reading this dropped 3 bucks, I wouldn't have to sell my spleen in order to hop the train to Boston or sell some ass to get back home. haha...

Seriously, just a few bucks will go SO far. Donations can be sent in here:

Or if you want to get something tangible out of the deal, it's also extremely helpful when you purchase one of these:

Thanks you sexy, sexy people!

p.s. I've been a super busy elf this week mailing out copies of INTERLUDE to pre-payers and subscribers, and sending out a few dozen tshirt purchases. If you haven't received one of these, keep a look out over the next few days:-)

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