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Thursday, May 15, 2008

"...And We Are Standing on the Edge of All That We've Imagined."

If you haven't heard, today gay marriage in California was made LEGAL.

I seriously have been crying for the past half an hour reading all of the news stories and blogs about it.

Who knew I was such a sentimental fool. Hmmm...

My friend Terra wrote this song two years ago and it had nothing to do with this subject, but it feels quite fitting, doesn't it?

And prepare to cry some more:

Now everyone move to California and lets all make some babies together!

P.S. Because it is California, I thought this spanish version of Terra's song that her fan Eugenia Romero did would be fitting too!


Elise said...

God yes! That's such amazing news! It's about time CA! I live in MA, so let me be the first to say congratz :D

jetgirl said...

Wonderful news. Beautiful song.

I'm still not getting married though. lolw

Janneke said...

That's great!! Congratulations from Holland!

I love your blog, Arlan!

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

You are hot!!!! I went to MS with Kat McPhee....anyways hi