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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

two "L" words i adore: london lesbians...mmmm

i think its a really good idea if you guys keep coming back to my site...every day...or every hour if you want. that makes me happy.

but when youre taking (short) breaks between reading my posts, you might wanna check out a new website that one of my readers has started.

the address is:

the webmaster/editor/everythingelse Toni has managed to put together this entire lovely site in only a matter of weeks. and the coolest part is that she wants some input from you guys. so if you like to write reviews, news articles, opinions, etc, definitely get in touch with her. its a community driven site...and you guys are the best community i know of:-)

and if your appetite for *the gay* hasnt been sated yet, here are some other lesbian-run/dailylesbianmoment-reader sites that deserve a mention:

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