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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yes, id like a hot mocha, please.


seriously, i mean DAMN.

they're always playing this remix video at the gay bar i go to, and everytime they do, i pretend im listening to whoever's talking to me, and i just stare at the screen. i probably drool. look at the bitch!

i mean, DAMN.


and then its like...

DAMN again.

so these chicks are classy and not stripping or anything. not that i think stripping isnt classy! on the contrary, i have a question for you all. i want to go to a nice strip club. tell me about your experiences there. do you know of any that have ladies nights, do you know of any in southern california that are the best...uuuummm...can i get in there with like $14 and a coupon to Jamba Juice? you know...important shit.


arlan said...

the stranger in her house is me, by the way. cause...damn.

Anonymous said...

Damn is right! Now I'm going to have to go on YouTube and look up some Shakira.

pace. said...

Yeah, if that's what she does when she comes upon a stranger in her house...I'll need a ski mask and an address.

Anonymous said...

Man, am I the only one that's gonna talk about strip clubs?? Oh well. I dunno about southern cali but if you come to Oahu, Hawaii, the club you need to check out is Club 939. It's classy with nice looking girls. Some of which I like to laugh at...because they're funny. They got 30ft poles (i'm guessing) and each stripper can climb all the way to ceiling...even those you think who can't climb very high. Amazing. And there is nothing like having a conversation with a stripper about her college career while she's lying upside down and twisting her nipples. Could just be me though.

JaG said...

I like the new look! And those vids.

The Promo Homo said...

I wish I could recover from an ankle sprain like that.

"oh ow... it hurts... lemme look at it...."


Right in time with the music, too.