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Thursday, August 31, 2006

bi, bye, bi!

ok, so i totally dont wanna ruin the plot of "Wild Things 3" (yep, they actually spent money filming that!), but if you've seen the first one, you sort of already know the "plot".

a few nights ago i was watching Starz or something and it came on. and i honestly had no idea it existed. but i watched it cause memory served me well. being a teenager and seeing Denise Richards and fuckin' Neve Campbell touch boobs in a pool is not something you easily forget.

so i did a lot of tivo-fast-forwarding for the "good parts." there were a few. i liked this scene a lot cause sometimes its sexier when you dont reveal everything at once. ya know?

but check this out. this is the best part: just who are the two stars of the movie? General Hospital fans might recognize the blonde as Sarah Webber from a few years ago. and the brunette is none other than the chick running on the train in Nsync's "bye bye bye" video (dont act like youve never seen it). so Elizabeth's older, goody-two-shoes sister and Lance Bass' homegirl, hookin up? its perfect. i love it.

oh and the sound is horrible in this clip, but trust me, it does NOT matter.

oh and subtlety is nice, but sometimes you just gotta see two hot chicks in a horrible movie go at it in a shower, so here ya go (again, if you dont want the bad "plot" ruined, dont watch) :-)

if you REALLY must see this movie, you can rent it (and then send it back really fast) at .


laz said...

hey arlan! So I'm friends with interlude and idgogayfor on myspace so that's how I came across THIS little gem of yours....great stuff! The memories of these videos will be a little pick me up at work today. looking forward to future posts from you!

Anonymous said...


i think i love this blog more than most of the people i know.

Melissa said... are Sooo right, subtle gets it everytime for sure. The anticipation of the moment is soo much more erotic, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

damn . . .that's all i can say. . .

Isobel said...

I agree with anonymous.

Thank you and, for the sake of all that's good and holy, keep up the good work!

Peach said...

Oh God arlan I Love you

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness the video's dont work?!?!

whatever shall I do Arlan I
need girl on girl action like...
faster than now...HELP MEEE!