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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Missy Higgins

People of Australia...prepare to fall out of your seats: I saw Missy do an in-store in Los Angeles Friday night where about 100 people were in attendance. It was at a bookstore that sells cds called Borders, and she just walked right on in past everyone like she was your local librarian. Everyone else, to put into perspective why the Aussies might have a little bit of a fit when they hear that, imagine you heard that Sarah Mclachlan or Sheryl Crow played for 100 people at a bookstore in Sydney. Wouldn't happen, right? Right.

I'm no Perez Hilton and I'm not in the business of outing celebs just for the sake of outing them. But I certainly hope the rumors are true and this chick's at least bi cause I have a mad crush on her. Whether or not she likes to snog ladies or gents, or both, or neither, is really irrelevant. The music is what's most important here. She has an amazing soulful sound, some pretty inspired lyrics and is the one of the friendliest in-store-rs I've ever seen.

All that said tho, I still have my theories, mostly based on songs like this one, whose lyrics include:

"and this rumor down said if you dont mind?
im going to leave you here till night time
and we can do what we want out of spotlight
im your secret.... aren't i babe
yeah im your secret aren't i babe"


(from her Hotel Cafe show in L.A. Oct 17th)

I know this might sound crazy, but at the in-store, her style/delivery reminded me of a mixture between Johnathan Rice and Something Corporate's Andrew McMahon on a few of her songs! Like in this one:

"The Special Two"

Um...even more telling lyrics in that one too...tres interesting. Missy, if you're single, I'd love to take you out on a date and show you the wonderful world of lesbianism. No seriously, I can turn any movie date and any trip to Red Lobster into a seriously gay(er) affair. Let's get some chedda biscuits together and talk about it. Despite what this post and the rest of my blog might indicate, I can be discreet;-)

Call me!


Anonymous said...

That woman..

there are no words.

Audio Taco said...

yeah considering she is HUGE in australia... im really surprised she's still playing hotel cafe! plus, ive been into her for years and its taken this long for her to even get attention here is ridiculous! then again, you know my obsession w/ female musicians.


brooke said...

oh man why do they never do small, intimate instores back in australia. hah.
shes amazing, end of story.

Anonymous said...

Luv the CHEDDA BISCUITS line Arlan!

Edilma said...

This is the first time i've seen her, thanks for introducing me to her...amazing voice, very talented and very very cute. So I hope she's gay hahahaha

Shmoo said...

She's my #2 favorite musician next to P!nk.

I love the Special Two.

My favorite song by her though is "Nightminds", which is on my myspace at the moment. She's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

God I hope she's a lesbian.
I'm Aussie; never heard this rumour.
But GOD, I hope she's gay.

carly said...

I was wondering when you would finally post something on her!!
I've been a Missy fan for like 5 years. Her music is so emotive and beautiful... and she's pretty hot to boot!
Her first album, Sound of White, won something like 6 ARIAs (the aussie version of a grammy) in 2004/5 (??) and her second, On A Clear Night, was released earlier this year and is nominated for a few ARIAs already. In other words; she is MASSIVVVVEEEE in Oz.
A friend of mine followed her to the U.K//U.S when she toured last year and she was playing in tiny tiny pubs and stuff with like 20 people.
Anyway...I get carried

She did an interview with Rolling Stone a couple years ago saying how she thought everyone is bisexual and love is love and basically she falls for a person and not a gender.

And if you read her lyrics//listen to her songs they are just chocka full of gay! :P:P


Minnie-sota said...

Arlan, I'm running off to get that Secret tune by Missy Higgins. She's yummy, by the way.

Anonymous said...

omg missy higgins.. i friggin love her. all her songs are on my ultimate playlist. i live in toronto and cant find her cd.. like what the hell?!

Kae said...

How crazy!
That's awesome though!

She's fabulous.

Linds said...

"The Special Two" saved my life... it was exactly what I needed today! Thank you for introducing me to Missy!

chelsme said...

omg. you just made my life better.
i've had a crush on her for like a year now, but never heard any rumors about her sexuality. and try as i might, i just couldn't find anything that i could twist into lesbian innuendo.

so basically, i absolutely love you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

i totally love missy higgins!!! in fact i've listened to her lastest cd at least once nearly everyday for like the last two months. and yeah i definitely love "The Special Two" (it is the first song i ever heard by her).

Charmzy said...

god i hope shes at least bi, shes gorgeous! Love her music, adore her and its just even better that shes an aussie!

Anonymous said...

hey hows it going, my names michelle and im from australia and we have a state newspaper that published a huge section on missy about a year ago. to settle the score... shes def atleast bi, the song 'special two was written when she cheated on her girlfriend. she locked herself in her back shed for two weeks and only left it for food, that was the amazing song she came up with when she left the shed. she then played it for her girl at a concert. it was the first time it was heard, and her girl was sitting in the front row...

my mates ex girlfriend's bext freind was missy higgins most current girlfriend... they broke up about a month ago

i love her... how does she keep it all so private though!

arlan said...

well its not so private anymore;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm an aussie and have been into missy since she brought out Scar. Even the lyrics in that are... GAY!! That girl screams lesbian or atleast Bi. We need more lesbian musicians in Aus. Well more known ones I know quite a few local ones.

Design Dyke said...

Hey Lezzers - Missy did an interview recently for Cherrie (, a new free mag here in oz for the 'not so straight girl' and here's a excerpt:

Over the years there’s been speculation about her sexuality but she’s declined to claim any particular label on that front. However, when asked if she falls under CHERRIE’s moniker of ‘not-so-straight’ girls, she opens up a bit, laughs and says, “Um, yeah, definitely. I think a lot of people fall under that broad umbrella term. I think sexuality is a fluid thing and it’s becoming increasingly more acceptable to admit that you’re that way.”


“I’d like to say if you’re comfortable with who you are inside, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I don’t think it’s necessary to have to define yourself by any label. If you’re comfortable with who you are and you know who you are on the inside, people will love you for it.”

Go Missy!!!

And thanks Arlan for sharing the Missy love across the pond.


Mara said...

omgeeee... I <3 Missy Higgins and am WAY jealous of you!

I got ahold of her first cd for like $1 at my corner music store a few years back ... I have since fallen in love with her music and when I was in Ecuador this summer I bonded with some Ecuadorians over her music.

I just bought her 2nd cd... and as much as I want her to make it big, I like that she's just an Aussie gem

::le sigh::

bizzle said...

this comment is entirely much later than your post, but oh well!

Thanks for linking to my video!