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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Shirley Manson is hot.

"Androgyny" by Garbage.

i love love love this woman. Check out Jackie from Bravo's "Work Out".

for those of you who are missing great shows like "Arrested Development" and "Sons & Daughters" and who are excited for the return of "The Office," you HAVE to check out this show on Lifetime called "Lovespring International." it stars the woman who played the lawyer chick from L Word Season 3 and the boss on "40 Year Old Virgin". and the best part about this show is Jennifer Elise Cox who played Jan in the Brady Bunch movies and the "i dont driiive" nurse on an episode of Will & Grace.

it airs on Monday nights. check it out!


Emeri said...

Androginy is such a sexy vid. Kinda embodies where I am with not being 100% dyke, though for all practical reasons I am. Ho-Ray!

Heather said...

That made my morning. ♥