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Monday, September 04, 2006

Eureeka! RSS feed:-)

i'll admit that up until about a half hour ago, i had no idea what the purpose of an RSS feed was. that is, until a BRITISH chick (i told you!) helped me out. im still getting to know all the ins and outs of this RSS thing, but ive been told that its a very good way to get more readers and keep em!

so for all of you in the know, this is my RSS feed address:

and im not sure what this address if for, but they gave it to me too:-)

add that sucker to your livejournal accounts and other blogs and sites that let you add syndicated sites...and everytime i post a new blog entry, it'll automatically show up in your friends list. if you have any additional info that might help other people set this up, please leave it as a comment.

and let me know if you add the feed!




Miss D said...

You rock,

thanks from the British chick.

And everyone ADD this page. peace! <3

Paula said...

so it shows up in the friends? cool, I'll do it :)