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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mischa Barton is like, so gay.

do any of you remember last season on "Grey's Anatomy" when there were HUGE rumors (confirmed BY the show!) that one of the female characters was going to be outed as bisexual? i think the money was on Sandra Oh at the time. what happened to that storyline?? i wonder if they'll ever mention it again or if it was just a *really* effective way of having me tune in every week;-) either way, im looking forward to the premiere tonight. and you better believe i'll be watching the Office right before it, and ER is interesting again so im there as well.

i read in Jenna Fischer's (the actress who plays Pam on The Office) myspace blog that she's going to a party tonight where Katharine Mcphee (the singer who plays my wife) will be getting the same award as she is. something like the top 15 fresh faces of the year or something. i wrote to her and asked if i could come along as her assistant. *sigh*

*end of sidenote*

so anyway, i was thinking about how Mischa Barton has a bit of a Lindsay Lohan/Paris
Hilton reputation for being a skinny, empty-headed party girl in Hollywood. but she's one of the very few young actresses around that has been associated with lesbian movie/t.v. plots. and not just once...but thrice. THRICE i say! so although i dont know who'd win in a "how to spell my own name" contest between Mischa and Nicole
Ritchie, i did want to give her props for this. she was lesbian-friendly before it was cool to be in Hollywood.

Exhibit A:

bein' there for her hot dykey friends in "Lost & Delirious"

Exhibit B:

tryin' it for herself with Evan Rachel Wood in "Once & Again"

Exhibit C:

she's all grow'd up now. there was a reason "The O.C." went to Mischa for this storyline. they'd seen the exhibits above.

Exhibit Q:

and here's a bonus one that sorta counts. they say this is from something called "Octane," but i think its just footage from Paris Hilton's last birthday party.


Anonymous said...

if she isnt, she should be. i love to watch her make out with chicks. maybe she should rethink that sexuality of hers.......

Heather said...

...I think I just became a fan.

And <3 Evan Rachel Wood.

I don't care what their sexuality is as long as more of that is made. XD

Gena said...

ACTUALLY it's 4 times

She was in this movie "Julie Johnson". Mischa played the daughter of this chick who ended up hooking up with her best friend, her mom not her. But Courtney Love was the mom's friend. It was a really crappy movie and I wouldn't recomend anyone watching, but I just thought I'd let you all know.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey gena, thanks for letting us know!
:-) i like saying the word "thrice"...but its cool to know she had one more! -arlan

Anonymous said...

OMG I have just developed a huge girl crush on Barton! Thank you! And I agree. The Craft is the gayest movie ever

Vik said...

i LOVE once & again. that's how i became a fan of both mischa and evan's. and that last movie of mischa... i've heard of it.. i haven't seen it, i don't even know if it was released over here!! it was like a european movie of some sort i think? or australian?? idk...lmao but chyeah. =]

Anonymous said...

ya i noticed that too! that she has a lot of lezzy roles. I love her! i dont think she's like all the other actresses, shes been in some cool flims..

Anonymous said...

Barton is playing gay again, in You and I. And ladies from T.a.t.u. are playing some roles too :)