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Sunday, October 01, 2006

church sex? jesus!

on this Sunday afternoon, i thought i'd share with you this clip from the movie "Loving Annabelle" that was just added to the movie's myspace page. you'll definitely want to buy/rent this one when it comes out December 12th. there's also an upcoming screening for it in Austin this month i believe. do some googling for more info on that. i was at one of the screenings in L.A. this summer and hiiiighly recommend the movie. two enthusiastic lesbian thumbs up.

Katherine Brooks is "Loving Annabelle's" writer/director and she is VERY active on her own myspace page (linked in her name). she blogs every day and has meditation not really sure what they are cause its not REALLY my thing. but i dig what she's doing and why she's doing it. plus, she talks about masturbation a LOT so, gotta love that. she has initiated a 1-year celibacy pact with herself (and that includes a masturbation fast. *dun..dun...DUUUUUN!*)

in her blogs you can read more about why she's doing it (there are some really *deep* reasons...really heavy stuff), and what it was like directing "the Osbornes", the "Newlyweds" and "the Simple Life":-)

and this is one of the many vids she has on her page. i love her smile. i think i could be celibate with her if i could see that smile everyday. *sigh* i so do NOT have a crush on Katherine Brooks. hush y'all.


sapphosboyfriend said...

very passionate, i would like to see a longer clip of the womyn in their lesbian love play. I would like to develop my "Womyn2Womyn" Project Series, and touch upon Unique&Innovative Images Between Womyn, with a touch of my voice in collaboration with a bi/lesbian cast and crew, as well producers. Looking for the open minded muse womyn to follow-up with us at: Sapphoslovers place.

LOL: Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian Lovers: Sapphoslover: jack
and Muse Womyn Project Partner: Ms.Keysha Brooks (BAM) X0X0X0X

Meeks said...

OK..yeah the church HOT, I'm left wanting MORE!! That's just a fricken tease!!


Ms Brooks does have a very cute smile....she is positivley Do-able!!

Thanks Arlan

AshleyM said...

The AUSTIN SCREENING OF LOVING ANNABELLE is THIS SATURDAY (10/07) at 9:20pm at the Great Hills Arbor Cinema. It's part of aGLIFF (Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival), and Katherine Brooks will be there to do a Q&A after the movie!! More info on aGLIFF at .

Ashley M