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Sunday, October 22, 2006

hard workin lesbians!

i wanted to spotlight a website that i check EVERY day! it's so popular that you've probably already heard of it. but in case you haven't or just needed to be reminded, is by far the BEST "L Word" fan site happenin' right now. the site is run by an adorable (hope they dont hate that word!) couple, Oz & Slicey. one lives in Australia and the other lives in the States. i think their long distance story should somehow be incorporated into the L Word, dont you? anyway, they get hundreds of thousands of visitors every month from all over the world because of their interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes info. oh and in case youre worried that they asked me to write this, fear not! i just love the site and those girls have been awesome to me by helping to spread the word about my shirts. so im sending the love right on back. the hot, passionate, lesbian love;-)

oh this is great too: click here to go to their myspace page. one cool feature you'll find is a HUGE list of all of the L Word actresses' upcoming tv/movie/other appearances. its quite helpful for those of us who are feinin for the next season! tell em i sent ya!

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