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Monday, October 23, 2006

if thats your boyfriend, "he" wasnt last night.

remember a few years ago when you found yourself dancin' to that John Mellencamp song even though everything in you told you shouldnt be? and then remember when you first saw the video for it and you were like, "thats why it made me tap my foot...cause there's a dyke playin a MEAN bass in it. of course!"

yeah. i remember that too.

Me'shell Ndegeocello is her name. bein bald and talented is her game. she has a new cd available on her website. and here's an interesting interview from Curve Magazine.

if you know nothing else of Me'shell's work, you know the song "Beautiful" used in this clip from "Lost & Delirious".

here's the song i was talking about above, "Wild Nights". it's ok to jam to it right now. no one's looking.
Wild Nights

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here's the song that created such a stir 10 years ago..."Leviticus Faggot"

and this is her talkin bout bein with someone else's "boyfriend." we know what she really meant. *giggle* (note: i dont giggle. sorry to mislead you.)


Anonymous said...

Meshell is Bi not Lesbian.

Anonymous said...

wooooo! you know "Wild Night" was originally by Van Morrison? my folk "a cappella" group does it and it's one of our best numbers. don't knock it til you've heard it done by a college folk group!