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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby, baby dont know im gaaay

so, heard about Alicia Keys goin gay? i hadnt. i guess i dont watch enough (...any) MTV. or BET. i used to...

i miss that Caribean Rachel chick on BET. you remember her? on some sort of countdown. she was hot, but her accent would come and go. and i miss the first season of TRL when Carson Daly was chubby. he would host the show without a crowd freaking out in the back, and he'd have stuff to tell you about the vids. and you could hear the crew in the background reacting to what he felt like he was doing a college show and had hacked into the mtv network. aw, them were the days.

but back to the very important point here. Alicia Keys. going gay. in a new movie called "Smokin' Aces."

"Shaking it up would be one way to describe Keys' performance, as soulful as any song she's ever sung — but spiced up with an undercover hooker outfit, lesbian love affair (with Henson's character) and one very, very enormous gun."
-read the whole article at

here's the trailer:

now Alicia Keys has always had rumors goin that she was at least bi. i think i might have started those rumors circa 2002...cause i wanted her to be. dont you?? she's fine! and articulate and talented and FINE.

so it hurt my little heart when one day i was reading one of her journal entries on her official website denying the rumors. she used to write very in-depth journal entries...i think it was between albums. when all of the attention on her had died down a bit and the world didnt know if she was a one (album) hit wonder or not. so she could say a lot of things and not have it splashed across the front page of every entertainment website on earth. she mentioned something on Access Hollywood and other sites eventually too.

of course, i wasnt upset that she was saying she wasnt gay. but it t'was the WAY she said it. it was very defensive, and had that lovely hint of "hate the sin, not the sinner" sprinkled in. but i still bought her cds, because it ALSO sounded like the kind of thing one says when one is super-hardcore-gay....and is struggling to admit it to oneself and to others. especially if one is of the black persuasion. and i also kept buying the cds cause theyre REALLY good and cause "one" is FINE.

all of the disappointment i felt while reading that journal entry 4 years ago is now erased. Alicia Keys is playing gay? i dont care if the movie sucks. i dont care if it turns out she cant act. i dont care if the gayity is only for 15 seconds. Alicia playing a movie thats being released worldwide. gotta love that.

this is the chick she's (hopefully) gonna be snoggin:

Taraji P. Henson


Nikooru said...

First I just wanna say I love all your blogs they're awesome, and yes we can add one more to the group of playing the role gay if they're having trouble admitting they were "gay", or "bi". Either way she's hott.

SistaLuva said...

Kudos to yuo, I love your blogs.
I don't care what she says I believe she is gay. As a Black woman, I can understand why she would deny it. Especially, with her being in the limelight. It's such a taboo in the Black community. You may have noticed many Black people don't even really acknowledge Sheryl Swoopes anymore, since she came out. I can't wait until the day we have our Black Ellen, Rosie, or Joan Jett. And we support them and still love them regardless of who is in their bed.

Meeks said...

WOO..thanks for the heads up on the movie. The trailer looks pretty good, lets hope the rest of the movie is as well.

*btw love Ryan Reynolds...he's funny as hell and he's going out with Alanis!!*

Thanks again Arlan for the coooool shit you continue to bring us!!

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey meeks, thanks. i believe ryan and alanis are no longer together of a few weeks ago. :-(

Anonymous said...

i am so going to watch this movie. the only thing better than alicia keys playing gay would be for her to say she is. then she can be my wife.

LaSunset said...

I will say that in Alicia defense being an Artist is hard coming to terms with your sexual orientation esp. with media waiting to drop the pen and D-bomb (dy*e) one you every chance they get.

*It takes courage to be happy*

Also the rumors atarted about Alicia (keys) after her first Vibe music awards. Omaybe it was the Soul TRain Awards. I saw it and thought "OMG Alicia's gay...yeah right". SERIOUSLY! If you see that clip you will be SHOCKED! After that airing we always saw the very femme Alicia. I'm sure Clive (davis- the head of J reocrds that backs her) wasn't havin' it.

But this movie is going to be hot, hot, HOT!

I think it will be like seeing Queen Latifah in SET IT OFF, just Alicia style.

Nikooru said...

OHhh and I'm gonn try and get you a pster for this movie if your interested... I work at a theater and my managers love me so I can about get any poster. But I def dun kno how it'd get to you lol.