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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Girlfight *hearts* Terminator 3

you guys have had your ear to the lesbian ground...and have been delivering lots of great info:-) so thanks! keep the tips comin'.

this super cool chick and this radical babe both contacted me about this story today.

i'll let the Advocate's story title speak for itself. and then of course, i'll ramble on for a few paragraphs and use the word "hot" lots and show you random vid clips and giggle to myself;-)

k, ready?

"Michelle & Kristanna in love!
Kristanna Loken doesn't want to keep quiet about her relationship with sexy star Michelle Rodriguez. Who would?"

yep, read all about it by clicking on these beautiful words right here! im expecting LOTS and LOTS of comments from everyone. and while you get your comments ready, i'll tell you a little story of my own.

it was a warm night 6 years ago in Dallas, TX and a young girl (me) had a dream. a eat nachos in the dark. a watch a straight couple get to 3rd base in the front row of an empty theater. and a see a super hot chick kick other bitches ASSES on a huge screen and giggle to herself cause she already knew the chick was a dyke. yes, it was a warm night in Dallas, TX...and i...became a woman. for the 15th time. but the point is, it was a hot movie!

Michelle Rodriguez. mm..mmm..MMM! she's a wonderful mix of femme/butch...sorta like Leggs in Foxfire. i guess its in the black leather jacket and army boots she wears out all the time. ok and for the LONGEST time ive been saying that in "Girlfight", (her first movie and the one i was referrin to up there) there were times when Michelle reminded me of a young Marlon Brando. you might think im crazy...but its in the closeups where she has the guard in her mouth. does anyone know what im talking about??
exhibit a:

exhibit b:

aaaanyway...what i'm saying is...

ooh and its not just rumor this time...its beautiful, hardcore awesome, are you freakin' kidding me with how hot this is, fact:-)

this girl right here...

(yes, the one who was, on one drunken night, P!nk's baby daddy...)

and uh...this girl right here...

are like...totally DOIN' it and shit. ah, young love.

to celebrate, here are some vid clips of both...unfortunately, there is no vid clip of them doing it. yet. but if i find better believe you guys will be like least the...20th or 30th in line to see. that would be, after i saw it 19 or 29 times. then took a break to eat...and to remember my name.

this is the movie they were both in last year..."Bloodrayne"

"Girlfight" trailer...

this is Kristanna doin an FHM photo shoot. little known fact, i do the "dyaa dya byaaaa" part of the "pony" song played in this vid. i was on set...saw what was happening...and well, yeah you know how i do;-) i was indeed, peepin' her um...her...stello.

Michelle gettin' PUNK'd...part 1

the trailer for "Terminator 3", with Kristanna...

i think after yesterday's near miss with the whole Beyonce and Longoria thing...this is a welcomed lesbian romance, that id love to see adapted to the big screen. i would even be willing to produce and direct it. and write it. and rehearse it. and deliver messages to their trailers during filming. and be called "Papi" or "grandpa Joe." whatever really. whatever would get me on that damn set. ahem...

the only thing that could really top this announcement for me right if Katharine Mcphee announced that she was doin' it with (me.) or like...Pickler. cause you ALL know she was and probably still is!


Bianca said...

I knew it! Michelle Rodriguez was just too damn sexy to be straight! This made my night

Anonymous said...

overwhelmingly wonderful..

D. Andrade said...

I think i'm having a heart attack right now! Michelle Rodriquez IS too damn fine and feisty to be straight. What great news. I just saw Bloodrayne the other night and i thought that their characters were gonna get it on. Just the way Michelle was looking at Kristiana...drool...

Well, we know that Kristiana is in with our favorite lesbian writer/director Gwen Turner (The L Word, Bloodrayne)so lets cross fingers that Michelle apprears on The L Word...or something to tickle our fancies.

I think i need to be alone now and have a well thought out dream.

Ida said...

How cool!
I just LOVE Michelle. I always knew she wasn't straight.
I don't know this Kristanna chick (yet, but I will since she's in the L Word season 4) but she looks fine too :)
I just have to see Bloodrayne like RIGHT NOW :D

lisa said...

Yes! I knew Michelle couldn't be straight. Ever since Girlfight, well damn, it was just obvious. Watching Blue Crush and SWAT, I thought the same thing. And I'd do her in a heartbeat, good god.

CRYSTAL said...

yea this is really really fucking awsome and extremly hot, i dont know why im so excited but i am

and i second what d. andrade said

fuck this is awsome

minty said...

this is well and truly awesome!!
as is your blog.. i wanna see bloodrayne so bad!!lol

and i do see the marlon brando resemblance (im rather attracted to him....not as much as

thankyou for the Wonderful news!!

Laura said...

This has just made my girlfriend's day. She absolutely loves Michelle Rodriguez (while I love Pink). I always knew Michelle was on our team!

insanecandi said...

wow....not a suprise!!! but it is kinda HOT!

tanya said...

thats freaking awesome!

it really is :]

Anonymous said...

It's about time Michelle came out. lol

When I heard that Kristanna was coming out and on Curve's cover I was ... more than happy. I went out and bought Bloodrayne (not just b/c i love the game.) The movie has so many lesbian almosts up till the dude and the jail cell. (I don't wanna ruin for others.)

You're too awesome for words!!! Thanks! <3

actionwoman said...

what did you mean about Pink's baby daddy? I didn't get the reference, and I'm now really interested.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah yes. That is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Michelle Rodriguez is smoooking' hot!

selina said...

part of me know michelle wasn't straight... i was doing grace's told you so dance when i read this!

Katie said...

OH MY GOD. that girl from the girlfight movie is sooo hot. wow....