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Friday, November 10, 2006

jes, Yimmie.

ok this isn't very woman-friendly, but i think there's a little bit of Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Corolla in all of us. dont you? if you find yourself liking this clip, but are ashamed of yourself FOR liking it, here's a tip. just tell yourself and everyone else that this clip is part of research for your thesis. it doesnt matter what age you are, OR the pickle you've gotten yourself into. just say "it's's part of research for my thesis." try it out!

stay tuned for a cool vid that i cant wait to post...happening sometime in the next 24 hours.... :-) (update: 24 mins later, i posted it:-) )

this, is not it:


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh so hard in the end. "Hooray for lesbians."

LaSunset said...

This is SO for research!

Meeks said...

Just goes to show that all chicks are a little gay. Well at least for $50!!

CRYSTAL said...

i am not ashamed at all for liking that, haha i love shit like that, straight girls acting like they dont like it, i think i actully even caught this on tv