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Saturday, November 18, 2006

my mom thinks that a lesbian.

a week ago, i went to Barnes & Noble to try to find a new Sudoku book. you know, to relieve all the stress. but of course i got stuck in the magazine section for an hour. that always happens, even when i try to fight the temptation. i guess after youve published a few issues of a magazine, its just in your system and you gotta get your fix somehow.

so stuck in the mag section for a while and took great pleasure in holding CURVE mag and walking around with it. its fun to catch a soccer mom looking over your shoulder longingly at the pretty dyke on your magazine cover.

then i found myself stuck in the store for another 2 hours. i looked in every section, several times. and when i walked out of the door, i had somehow purchased the following:

a harmonica
a how-to play the harmonica guidebook
& a dvd guide to sensual massage

i dont know how the hell that happened...but i tell you, all 3 things are FASCINATIN!

i wonder if these girls could use a harmonica player....

you should go to their youtube profile and tell them i'm available for all of their harmonica needs.

and i wonder if these girls want a sensual uh...masseur on their tour...

here's The Lesbian Overtones' myspace page. tell em who sent ya!


LaSunset said...

LOL. I think those need a Harmonica player (you) and a drummer (me).

gabby said...

on the post and the blog in general!!