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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Top Model meets SNL in 6 feet of crazy

in case you missed her the first time i introduced you to her a few months ago...

meet my friend: (crazy-ass) Alex T. she's an aspiring model and comedienne. this girl is just silly. don't know which way she swings, but whatever way it is, its being done on the branches of a *crazy-ass tree.* she's hot and she gets her spot in the daily lesbian moment:-D

here are 3 of her can see more on her myspace profile!

a sweet song about being nice to the babysitter

haha..."you lez? no? you no like gurl? how bout yo sista? she lez??"

her ode to Keira Knightley. this is the first vid of hers i found a few months ago, and it had me at "hello." she's doing her own version of *this* Keira appearance.



Anonymous said...

can i add my praise to the chorus?

alexandra thomopoulos is a big fucking deal. she's a bigger deal than angelina jolie's boobs, baby Suri, and the entire reality show phenomenon sandwiched up between sliced bread. that shit is pretty major.

sidenote: i was slightly worried that the fact that alex has at least three people promoting her at any given moment might take away from the down-to-earth, up-for-anything quality of hers that makes her so goddamn endearing, but so far, nothing like that appears to be happening.

let's start a petition for more videos =)

Jessica said...

Alex is hilarious, I love the videos I've seen so far and she should keep 'em coming. Not to mention, she's hotter than hot.

Anonymous said...

this is great! she's so funny! and super cute!