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Thursday, November 23, 2006

we interrupt this program to bring you a special non-lesbial announcement

last time i checked, Aries Spears was not a lesbian.

but i am, and im blown away by this clip. i wanted to share it with you guys cause for some reason it makes me really happy and hopeful. it gives me goosebumps and i dont really understand how he's able to do this.

keep in mind, that not only is he doing impressions of these people, but he's freestyling the entire thing.

thanks to my friends John and Brian from the (also non-lesbian but FABULOUS) band Lola Ray. if you go to my myspace page, one of my favorite Lola Ray songs is my profile song. i think all of us lady-lovin ladies can all relate to the lyrics! they also have a song called "Beautiful Boy" that'll rock your world. ADD THEM AS A FRIEND at and tell em arlan sent ya.


Starla said...

That was SWEEEEEET!!! Man, that cat got skillz. I gotta share this.

east of madagascar said...

hehe. arie spears is def not a lesbian.. but that was HOTT to death. thanks for posting.