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Saturday, December 30, 2006

the best 2:25 minutes you'll spend today

i cant imagine there's anyone left who hasnt seen this yet. but if you havent, you're welcome. and if you have, there's ALWAYS room for more gangsta Natalie Portman!


Meeks said...

OH MAN OH MAN!! I fricken love Natalie and I loved it when she did was so funny. Just goes to show that she doesnt take herself too seriously....i love that in people!

Thanks Arlan...I needed to see this again!

Jackie said...

This is hilarious! She's freaking adorable. The fact that she is usually so classy and proper makes it a million times funnier.

lizzy the lezzy said...

yes yes HOT HOT love it! have seen it before but SO good to see it again (twice...)
your blog is the BEST arlan!!!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny! I had never seen that before! that was perfect. I adore her AND You! thank you so much for putting this up! You've just made my year. I started reading your blog this year and everytime it makes me smile and you're just so great.

thank you for being you.

Jenn said...

I so didn't learn the rap and perform it when i was drunk for months...

Don't you just wanna put her in your pocket? :)