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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

everytime you kiss him, you're tastin my pussay...

i used to be a hardcore Janet Jackson fan. i mean, HARDCORE. which is why i sat through 1993's "Poetic Justice" more than once. i was but a child...and quotes like "they still gon' fuck you up!" made me think janet was the black meryl streep.

so, when the movie's director John Singleton had a follow-up film, i was first in line at the video store to see it. im sure it was at theaters, but i think i spent my theater money on "Dangerous Minds" or somethin that year.

with my little *i-dont-know-what-gay-is-but-it-sure-looks-nice-to-me* eyes wide open, i watched the following scene in "Higher Learning".

is it true that everytime *this* happens, an angel gets its wings?

(little known fact: i played the piano solo in this clip. again, tossed off the set moments later cause i wasnt hired to do that. and...they claim i tried to steal the sheets from the bed. whatevs.)

mmmm...that was Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy!) and a pre-Oscar Jennifer Connelly. if youre a fan of Jennifer's, you MUST see a 1994 movie called "Of Love and Shadows". i dont remember much about the film, but i do remember two important things. first, it was the first (and only) time i heard the quote of my LIFE:

"I have lived so much that some day
they will have to forget me forcibly,
erasing me from the blackboard.
My heart was inexhaustible. "

...and second, there's a HOT sex scene between Connelly and um...well, Antonio Banderas. i know, i know. alone, he's sort of yuk. but put him on a hot woman, and he can do wonders. he's sorta like black mascara. remember the scene in Desperado with Salma Hayek?? uh huh.

oh...and here's one of my favorite scenes from Poetic Justice:

(everytime i go get my hur did, its JUST like this.)

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LaSunset said...

Great Throwbkack play cousin!

Nilla said...

Funny... that's a Tori Amos piano clip (not that I can remember the name of it at the moment). And wow, I don't remember that scene being that long! My journalism teacher had us watch that movie in class and my budding little lesbian brain went "OMG! THEY"RE DOING IT! YAY LESBIANS!" and years later I finally bought the movie. Heh.

cela said...

Haha.. what that girl says is soo funny..kissing his lips MUAHAHA! oh man..

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...


Jackie said...

OMG! haha i loved it! did not see that coming

jmarvids said...

hahahahahaha that pussy tasting clip cracks me up! If I were the other woman, that would scar me for life.. I love it!