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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i'll be in my bunk.

um, where the FUCK was i in 2002 when this was on tv??

here's another vid (out of order) from the sci-fi show "Firefly"

actually, now that i take a closer look, believe it or not, i DID see the movie spin-off of this show. im not really a big fan of um...sci and fi. but the movie was entertaining! i dont remember any lesbianism though. shame. the movie was called "Serenity" and i was forced to see it at the theater when it first came out.

no, really. thats the whole story. dont read this. just go back up there and watch that first vid again.

you know, where that chick is rubbin that other chick's buttery back?



Anonymous said...

omg i love firefly! those scenes bring back some good memories. I first saw the episode where the scenes are from, with my lovely friend/crush. It is her favorite episode, mine too come to think of it...for different reasons of course...but yeah, I love the movie too. good stuff.

sloganx said...

Aww, I loved Firefly and Serenity!

Yeah, that was an awesome episode... *sigh*


Anonymous said...

1. Hey Im wilson, Slo sent me over.
2. Where the fuck were you, where the fuck was I?

Anonymous said...

As far as I remember, the movie wasn't a spin-off, it was planned from the beginning. And whatever network showed Firefly showed all of the episodes out of order and that is why there is only one season. Demand a recount! Bring it back!

Shannon said...

Awww... I loved Firefly. Too bad it only lasted one season :(. And yes, when I first saw that seen I nearly shitted myself. It's quite hot.

blue pudding said...

i love firefly - not only are the cast beautiful specimens of human kind but joss wheadon wrote it so the plot is amazing too... how i miss it so!!