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Saturday, December 09, 2006

im moving to australia!

right after i get back from England and Argentina.

i have never heard of this Australian show "Stingers" before. and im not sure if this storyline is in more than one episode or what. perhaps my best-aussie friend and sex kitten Bron can shed some light on the Bron?

i watched the clip twice and i still have no idea whats going on. but...lesbians...kissing...and doin it. thats all we really need in a lesbian moment, right?

before you watch this clip, remember, drugs are bad. dont do drugs. um...oh, and australian women who make out with each are hot. k, we all got that? ya go:

the way the blonde chick says "i'll call ya" at the end of this clip is how i usually do it too. usually the point and the wink. i just lay my mack down like so. hate tha game, not the playa.

for those of you with A.D.D., heres a shorter version with some key moments:

one day i'll learn how to make some of these vids in slow-mo, and really have some fun. ooh...if anyone can make a vid of Katharine Mcphee talking or gyrating or doing anything in slow-mo, i will marry you.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I got really happy when I saw that. Australia rocks, and MARDI GRAS is next year. I think I may go this time xD Even though it's in Sydney and it's expensive. Oh well! 'Stingers' was a good show. So was 'Blue Heelers' and 'Water Rats' - we had a few 'coppy' type shows.

Sam said...

Yeah got to say that I am a fan of Oz...well I do live in Sydney so you would hope so. Hate to break it to you though, that scene was the only good one on Stingers, but i do recommend Mardi Gras if you are ever near Sydney in March.

Anonymous said...

Nearly everytime I read your blog and watch a video I think how much I need a g/f. lol

Also, I want to go to Australia now. Well, more so than before. It's always been on my list.


Nilla said...

I never really watched all.

Pity I missed that scene :D

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

i miss australia...mostly cause its called "down under"...but also cause its sorta like canada, but it takes longer to get an answer from people. i spent a couple of your winters in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. LOVED it...

Anonymous said...

Yeah that storyline on Stingers was kind of a bust.
All Saints was wayyyyyy better when Bron and Charlotte hooked up. Then of course they made Charlotte 'turn' straight.
Stupid Australian TV.
Yay for Adelaide though, its crap and we all know it!

Anonymous said...

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