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Sunday, December 31, 2006

my message to you!

hey everyone! well i'll soon be hitting the road for a few hours to visit good friends for a nice new year's eve bash. i like new year's cause its the only time i can say the word "bash". :-)

i was trying to figure out exactly what i could say to express to everyone what it means to have you reading my blog, supporting my projects by buying shirts, sending me inspiring messages, sending me naked pictures of yourselves (hee), and just being *you* all year long! i'm not very good at the speech lernin' so i'll leave it to this video to say over and over again what i REALLY think of all of you reading this right now!!! i'd say it to each and every one of you personally if i could!

watching the vid again just reminds me how amazing we all are as a community. i know most of the time, its all fun and games (until someone loses an eye to a dildo-related accident, that is!)...and we (you, me, and lesbians in general) throw the best parties, and serve the best lesbian beer, and make the coolest lesbian shirts. but i also know (because youve written to me time and time again) that there are girls/women out there who struggle with coming out, or admitting the feelings to themselves, or depression, or losing a friend, or worrying about how the family will react, friends...etc. and i just want to say to those people, that as long as you know me, and have my myspace address ( and email address (, and phone number if you need it, you are NEVER ever alone. thats my promise to you.

ok everyone! i hope you'll leave a comment and let me know what your goals and dreams and everyday hopes are for 2007. for yourself, for the world...all of it!

i hope to be able to meet lots of you this year. thats definitely one of my top priorities. i want to travel like i did when i was younger...and by this time next year have lots of new friends! i want to see some of my old and dear friends that i havent seen in WAY too long. i hope to continue to be optimistic about would be nifty if my little tshirt project could blow up. thatd be nice. i hope to watch a good friend take over the music industry, one fan at a time and be right along side her as she does:-) im also crossing my fingers for a video interview with Katharine Mcphee to post on my blog. you know, when she's through sexin' me. cause she spends a LOT of her time sexin' me. busy beaver, she is. mmmm...

aaaand, yes, i hope to meet a nice young lady who will be *the one*. british or not! ;-) but if she's not british, i hope she can fake an accent.

alright, i'll lift myself off of santa's lap now and say HAPPY 2007 to everyone! i hope its your best year yet, and that youre safe, healthy, hot, available to me, and can fake a british accent. and *here's* to more hot naked pictures of yourself sent to me in the new year!



Anonymous said...

~Cay~ awwww Arlan your so sweet!!!

My goal for this year are to get in shape and to get laid LOL

And buy all of your shirts because they are fucking awesome!

Love you have an awesome New Year!!!

D. Andrade said...

Hey Arlan,
Thanks for all the shirts and awesome blogs. You really kept me up to date with the lesbian world around me, because i dont get alot of news out here in the middle of the ocean. Also for helping so many lesbians get out there and recognized for their talents (Ruth with Lizzy the Lezzy). I have alot of hope for you in the future and i wish you all the success in the years to come. Remind me to tell you about GirlFest sometime. We're coming to San Fran for our second annual and it's gonna rock! Have a safe new year, cant wait for 2007. My goals...just to live and enjoy inspired, empowered and wake up everyday knowing that im happy and anything can happen, and im ready for it. I've put alot of things behind me, a lot of pain and bad times. 2006 was the best year ive had in a long long time, and I feel complete and ready to move on to 2007, cuz its gonna rock! Thanks for being a part of my year!

Anonymous said...

I saw all of those clips and could name some of them but not others and thought "What am I missing?!"

Also, your blogs make my day.:) May every year be better than the last.


Emeri said...

Next year is the year I'll be finding out what I want to do for the several years after I graduate. I'll be being the best partner that I can be for my girl. I will be getting organized (and that includes religiously using my organizer). I will get more involved with the LGBT community. I will keep up yoga and excercises. And I will land a kick ass job/intern that I actually feel passionate about doing.

Emeri said...

BTW. Much love to you. Those were very very sweet things you said, and I share your passion about our community. Again, much love, many boobies, and uncountable supplies of cooch to you.

Erin said...

Next year I am buying a house in The Gayborhood here in Nashvegas (Nashville)!!! Thank you Arlan for doing what you do. You make me smile daily with your creativity!!!

Oh and I will also be buying a shirt from you in 07!!!!


Sam said...

Happy New Year to you Arlan, thank you for bringing such a smile to my face every time you blog. For me all I want this year is to meet a cute woman to keep me company, I finally think I am ready to share my life.....I hope :)

sickistheonethatadoresme said...

and why are you still sitting on santa's lap? lol.

happy new years!

Kitty said...

Man I wish I could blog like you Arlan! lol :) Have a safe and happy New Year.

Meeks said...

Thank Arlan for all you have done for us!

You bring happiness to us all...and thats a special thing!

We need an Arlan worship/purple string day! What day of the year do you think it should be? and how should be celebrate you & it?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlan!

I saw in the new year with my "Bring Dana Back" tshirt on!!

Thankyou for keepin me entertained over the past few months since Ive been online!

Wishing you a FANTASTIC 2007

√°ine said...

Happy new year Arlan

2006 was the best year I've had and I hope 2007 can better that. I hope this year I see my beautiful girlfriend...and that you'll find that nice young lady that can fake a british accent that you're after =)

Visa07 said...

Thanks Arlan for the was amazing..and your blog was beautiful. Have a wonderful 2007 and I hope to get to know you better this year. Thanks for the blogs.


amy grace said...

Just wanted to say what your doing is fantastic!
without my daily "fix" i duno what id do hehe
Hope you have a fantastic Year, get everything you want and maybe meet your British chick ;)
but seriously..what IS it about the british accent? i hate mine,the american one is so much better!
anyways take care

pikachu said...

heyy thank you for all your great wishes. I really enjoyed reading all of your blogs eventhough I'm kinda new at this, I'm glad I suscribed for your blog. I hope all of your wishes come true this new year and that we can get to be friends. Have a great new year! Love, Mariel G. (Mexico)

persona said...

i wish you the best (and by the best, i mean a lot of naked ladies)
happy new year !

CRYSTAL said...

thank you for all your wonderful post

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have no idea who i am, bt id like u to know that ur blogs have honestly been awesome to read all year. They have been a short escape from reality, and have given me something to read when im really feeling down.

But on a brighter note, I hope u have a fantastic new year.

Keep doing what ur doing, and ill keep reading.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Arlan you are awesome..Thank you for all that you do for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Arlan. You honestly make my day.The first thing I do when I get on my computer is check Your Daily Lesbian Moment Blog.It provides me with entertainment and a website where I learn that I'm not the only pervert.Then I go check out your dating blog.I wish you an AMAZING 2007.I hope you find your British woman or any another woman that can fake a British accent.Thanks for contributing to 2006 being such a kick ass year.

Cheers to an AWESOME 2007.

*~*~Jennifer Ann~*~* said...

This is so touching....I really love the video too...Happy New Year!!!!..Love,*~*~Jennifer Ann~*~*

Pia said...

Hey Arlan:]
First of all Happy New Year
and thank you for this
wonderful post.:]
Your blog always makes my day.
So keep on doing it,please..
Much love from germany.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year....I am always reading your blog...I think you're awesome...Keep it up!!

Image Is Everything--Myspace friend..

Kelly said...

love love love your blog... even though i'm uhh... "straight" and all

ava said...

Hey Arlan,
i just wanted to stop by and say happy new year as well as thank you for your entertaining blogs; they always make my day! keep doing what you're doing!

much love,

Anonymous said...

I always read your blogs, Arlan! Thanks so much for keeping your fellow lezzies entertained!
P.S. Can't WAIT to get my purple string bracelets from you. <3

Amy from Myspace (Sly Nymph of sorts)

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog makes me smile. Sometimes it's the only bright spot in my day. Thank you so much for everything you do. Can't wait to see more!!

Heather (myspace)

julia said...

Happy New Year, Arlan! Thank you for being you and entertaining us every day. You're a great person and I wish you all the best for 2007!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get to achieve that goal of meeting all of us too! I'd certainly have fun meeting you!

Jamie said...

your blog has been a great source of entertainment for me. i live on the mississippi gulf coast, and i am the only lesbian i know :( (no, sorry... i have 1 friend that is like minded). It is nice to have something totally GAY to look foreward to!

Cheyla said...

i only recently stumbled across your blog and AMAZING shirts, but so far i really want everything you make :) haha!

my goals for 2007 are to quit smoking cigarettes, get back into my own apartment so i can live with my girlfriend again, and be the best girlfriend and mother i can be!

i've included the link to my 'myspace' profile, give it a look, Arlan, you're on my friends list :) you can see pictures of my family!

hope you had a wonderful new year's eve bash, this year is certain to be a good one.

kitty said...

reading every day. thank you.

Anonymous said...

:D Eat better, eat out less, save, etc.. Nothing too exciting this year.

Hello :)

Naddy said...

hey! this year i'm so gonna get my body in shape and hit on a girl after my major exams at the end of the year! & i'm trying to get all you fukking awesome shirts! gosh, i love it!

& also, how can i not visit this blog most of the time? it has great videos *hehehe* and also, i have its link on my blog. do visit my blog okays?

happy new year babe!

Nilla said...

Wow... powerful video and song! Any idea who sings the song?

And it always amazes me to think there are people out there, straight or gay, that DON'T think that two women kissing is the most beautiful thing they've seen. Craziness.

Have a wonderful 2007... I'll keep reading everyday!!

Anonymous said...

G'day there, well loved your blog, it was so uuummmm..... beautiful.
This year I am going to meet my girl in person, long distance relationship is driving me mad. She is in the USA and me im all alone here down under.
U rock Arlan, i enjoy reading your blogs you make it so real, so to speak. anyway have a great 07.

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlan,
I read your blogs but I never comment...but this last song with the video was amazing-and I want to know who sings it! If you know, please send me a message:
While I'm commenting, I'll share my new years resolution...I wanted to see my ex one time before she left to go back to Texas...and I saw her today...but my main goal, if its possible is to be back with her because she's the one...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for running the blog - it's the best source for youtube vids and general information out there! My new years resolution is to ask out the girl I like. . . wish me luck! I think she's straight but you never know. Other than that I just want to survive my last year of school without doing any damage to myself or anyone else. I hope everyone has a fantastic year ahead of them! - Hannah

Anonymous said...

you my friend are amazing and i love ya soooo much!

Anonymous said...

i have read/watched all of your daily lesbian moment blogs and i just want to let you know that you're amazing and i dont know what i would do with my time had it not been for your amazingness! my resolution is to be less timid w/ the ladies...but now that i do have a girlfriend, i want to start fresh. i dont have to be shy anymore, im going to be more outgoing AND im gonna express my feelings better :) Love ya!!

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

hey guys, thanks SOOOO much for all the messages here and on myspace and through email. whoa! didnt know there were so many of you:-) its going to be a fun year...i cant wait to meet some of you. gonna be awesome!

also, ive had several people ask me who sings this song in the vid...but i honestly cant find it anywhere. i hope someone's able to figure it out. you'll be everyone's hero:-)

Tonya said...

Hi Arlan!

So I am a new subscriber to your page and your blogs. This video is amazing and was very touching... So much so that I added it to my MySpace page!

Hope you have an amazing New Year and I look forward to many new inspirational blogs!


em said...

Hey Happy New Year all, bit late i know but havnt had chance to get on since. Arlan i love your blog and t-shirts and everything :D keep it up. Im a bit behind on me blogs at the mo, but got 2moz afternoon to catch up :D

Leanne said...

I've never commented any of your blogs, but after that video and what you said, I feel that I should. You seem to have so much love to give especially to us Brits lol, its nice. Good Luck for the new year, you deliver us with daily doses of lesbian news and never ever fail to crack us up with some comments you make. Thank you for being you, the world will pay you back one day!! Lea xx

lakaye said...

-dear arlan.

i finally found the time and decided to stop by and tell you how much you're admired by moi.
honestly,i fallen madly in love with you. ( gf doesnt know it yet)
but seriously, its nice to see that theres someone out there that is willing to supply us with the right amout of "lesbian-ish-isms" each day.
taking time out of your day to satisfy all of us(lesbians).
[which i beleive is very sweet of you]

oh yea.
i also voted for you on the impact award thingy thing with and explanation the common man would give as though he were reffering to a god.
so.i wish you the best of luck.


Katherine said...

I haven't commented before, but I thought I should for this post. :) Thanks for making this blog, and happy new year.

Vik said...

arlan, i luver you <3