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Thursday, December 21, 2006

this is just like what happened to me at Starbucks!

and if they were wearing purple strings, they would be filming them DOIN' IT right now instead of what actually happens at the end.


oh and if youre complaining about the bad acting in this little clip, you're so missing the point. just get a hold of your senses, rewind vid, sit back, and watch it again. this time, remember youre a dyke and touch a nipple or somethin;-) k?


Megs said...

Thank you for keeping me in a constant state of arousal with your posts...dayum!

CRYSTAL said...

loved it

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

and thank you for uh...being aroused...and stuff. makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me...that was very nearly pornography!!

What was the purpose of this clip?

Pretty good though ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW, shes got some crazy dreams. it was kinda sad though when she woke up. T_T

julie s said...

hahaha thanks for that

Anonymous said...

That is a porn movie btw. Or if not both of them play in Viv Thomas porn movies. It's porn made by lesbians for lesbians. That's the reason for the bad acting.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you're a bit fixated on Hungarian chicks. You're into Viv Thomas porn :p

The writer/director "Viv" is not a woman, btw...unfortunately.

Anonymous said... off to buy those strings!!!=
i shall never go through that!!....the end part anyways...hehehehe

·°¤ Ønyx ¤°·[from myspace]

dirtie bertie said...

made me wanna touch more than my nipple! (i mean perhaps your nipple too arlan hehe)