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Saturday, January 27, 2007

is this hot, Paris? well, is it??

this chick sent this vid to me.

while youre reading/watching this, im probably standing in a long line at the airport, or being stripped searched by an old dude named Serge...or filling out a lost luggage form at the Southwest counter. so when i get a few minutes to jump online and read your comments, i expect to see a heated & and exciting debate over the quality of this vid.

im not sure where this is from. its for a "man show" type thing. "for men." or some shit. and its a stupid kissing contest thingy. so when i started watchin it, i was like...oh god, not another one of these. yuck! but then um...the more i watched...the hotter i thought it was.

sometimes as lesbians, we gotta save the world. we gotta protect our rights as women. we've got to fight, for the finger in a world gone mad. but um...sometimes, you just gotta press play, sit back, and watch two or three or four bitches make out with each other, gay, straight or WHATEVA. starting at around 2:40 is where i start forgetting how to be a feminist.

and now, your thoughts? be nice to yourselves, and each other. but you can be mean to the bitches in this clip. just dont be mean to me. "im an artist, and im sensitive about my shit." ;-)


Anonymous said...

i wanna make out with jenn, that's what i think :)

Anonymous said...

i like the blonde chick for some reason she seemed the most real.. yum yum

but that jen chick was like moaning and shit like she was in a fuckin porno ugh.

yea im intrigued/turned on/repulsed all at the same time! LOL

Anonymous said...

...I need a girl. If you're in S. FL raise your hand.

Arlan, I miss you already!


~G-siz~ said...

WHERE DO I SIGN UP!? lol i'll take on jenn she's got the best experience, TEE-HEE<3~G~

Crystal said...

i think that was extremely hot, they liked it

Anonymous said...

Started out kinda lame but got much better. I would love to take on Jenn. I think we could teach each other a few things. Many girls have commented favorably on my kissing ability but Jenn looks to be really aggressive which is a huge turn on for me since I'm usually the more aggressive lover in my relationships but it's nice to have the tables turned on me sometimes.

Ashley said...

Props to Arlan on that video.

I dunno about you guys, but out of all those girls, Jenn was definetly into it the most. She was so freaking HOT!!

I'm in for a round fo that.

Shannon said...

Jenn... well... uh... I forget how to form coherent thoughts thanks to her... But she seems like the most actual lesbian. I dub her the new Papi :).

Anonymous said...

Jenn was most def the hottest and most into it. That raveb beauty makes the vid worthwhile. :)

KP said...


i love your blog, but dont you think its problematic to condone "being mean" to the "bitches" in the video? it's okay to look down on women, as long as they're not like "us"? as long as their not feminists/lesbians/otherwise fighting our fight? how can we justify being nice to each other while "being mean" to other women? if we don't like this video because it's made for the male gaze, we can dislike it (and even the women in it) without necessarily being mean to them.

and, i think its sexy.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

i call people bitches, and im just kidding. i "chicks" "dudes" "bitches"...i dont normally use these words in every day being mostly sarcastic and silly.

arlan = (sarcastic + silly) x most of the time.


oh, and im not a feminist! i just play one on tv.

i like boobs and girls and girls who show me their boobs.

Anonymous said...

uhm jenn hah yeah i think id hit that

mmm so i wonder how many of these commenters went to

because i sure as hell am

mmm i could definitly use some jenn right now

JustDoneShane said...

oh yeh jen was nice.. :] haha.
im definatly gonna go to

i haven had someone like jenn in a long while :]


Anonymous said...

So kudos for quoteing Erykah Badu at the end...
Jenn yummy =}

Anonymous said...

This video is hot, but I like Chelsea better. Even though this video was made for the men, we can still dig it. Gotta love the internet for allowing men shows like this one to thrive.


Anonymous said...

thanx for posting this. i totally went to so i could watch the uncut version (you have to sign up to watch it though...i hate that). i actually ended up being late to class cause i was like "must watch girls making out." Anyway I liked chelsea and even though to me jenn seems a little slutty it was the good kind of slutty and i like that :) :)

lakaye said...

someone tell jenn.
that shes needed at my house.

so come down to houston for a few hours-days-months..wait..YEARS!

please. because i need her.

Panda said...

lmao...i'm like the person who can't form complete sentences after watching arlan..thanks lol <3<3

Anonymous said...


i don't mean to go against the popular vote here..

but, i can't forget my feminist roots. especially when a video like this is making women look like easy hussies.

no offense to all of the women that like this though.. it's your opinion and i respect that. ;]

da red said...

I'm sorry but I really can't understand how any lesbian woman can find this hot. I mean, this is soooooo fucking straight!!!!!!
The hell with men and their wannabe-lesbians, I'm into the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I hope there's a LOT more in the uncut stuff, not that I'd pay to see it. Seems like there could've been a lot more fondling than knees and ALMOST touching breasts. Nothing like straight girls for PG-rated sex.

Mmmm, breasts.

The time with the threesome on the motorcycle, whomever was being left out of the mouth-kissing could've been nuzzling and kissing and licking and sucking some BOOBIES!

And when they were all "corrupting young Jenn," wouldn't it have been REALLY hot if they'd all ganged up and found three different places to kiss her...guess where I'm thinking of, besides her mouth and her yummy-looking BOOBIES?

Hmmm, NOW I'm getting seriously horny. Gonna go back and watch the Sounds vid you posted in February, and with it.

Anonymous said... the slight feminist, this does just bring the female status down, just because it was filmed for men, that part repulsed me. Mostly the part with them on the motorcycle.

Wasn't really into the video until the Jenn and Dalene part...I don't need nudity, just moaning and some good old fashioned making out. Sorry, feminist or not, that part was freakin hot.