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Monday, January 15, 2007

L Word: Season 4, Episode 2

your thoughts? i have plenty...

oh and if you haven't seen this episode yet, DO NOT LOOK AT THE COMMENTS cause there are bound to be spoilers!

please keep all spoilers here, and dont post them on my "chatterbox" thingy on the right of the page. use that space to tell me where we're meetin' for our date.


Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

i'll start it off by saying...

-Helena needs to DO ME immediately. like, right now.

-leisha hailey IS the L Word. as long as the show is on the air, she will have a job.

-i like shane's hair again. its more like season 1 when i would get breathless whenever she was on screen.

-kit isnt embarrassing me right now. that makes me happy. lets hope she keeps it up.

-they should have made the opening song that "phenomena" song by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that they used in the promo. but noooo...

-why, oh WHY didnt they show Helena doin Papi?

-circles? thats her answer to why she's slept with 1053 women? um...if thats really the case, im 1049 women behind for NO reason. ;-)

-i think DJ turns everything gay. first there was Darlene, and now his girlfriend from Roseanne's last season. mmm hmm.

-Helena needs to have sex with me. RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

^^ LOL.

Tina: Fine as all hell. Interesting that she's had two abortions in the past.

Alice & Bette: Loved Bette's head resting on her shoulder.

Jenny: "Vagina wig". Love her.

Anonymous said...

Oh another thing


And I feel bad for Max... I know most people hate him, but I think he is cool.

Anonymous said...

Papi needs to sleep with me. Like immediately.

Anonymous said...

So I'm sleepy and didn't publish the first comment.

I wanna know how Papi has had sex with all those women, shes not even charming like Shane ( or me lol)

And she uses chessy pick up lines.

It must be the accent.
Damn my suffer accent!

And how Shane ever doing to catch up with a busted hand? lol

Anonymous said...

I have to say Shane is sooo beautiful and the fact that Bette was flattered by her TA was really cute..I would hit on her too..women with power make me tingle!!...Alice looked real hot with Papi...and Helana should of been shown...PAPI.....ahhh Papi...she needs to teach me circles...Just teach me...don't show it on me...I would fall too hard and may not be able to recover..haha!
Did I say Shane is beautiful...and if I knew what circles were I would let Papi show me and I would do them on Shane:) YAY!

One more Jenny for VAGINA WIG!! LOL

Max???? She/He is in a tough position, I think she needs to get out now!!!

Anonymous said...

oh god...i loved this episode.

-Shane is so hot when she is confused

-Papi I want her right here right now, latino heat!!!

jesSICKa said...

Alice: I think she is hotter? this season.. I don't know how that Leisha does it but I wish she would do it to me all night long...

Tina: 2 abortions wow

circles circles circles circles circles

is thee key

Anonymous said...

It was totally hilarious when Helena busted Alice after her "late" night LMAO

Matt said...

I missed half of it!!!
but the part i did see i loved.
I wish they would bring back Dana's brother so cute. Sorry im gay. O i need a better way to explain "lesbian man", i called a guy it the other day and no one understood.

Anonymous said...

Omg Helena needs to f*ck me ASAP

I find that I like Jenny more and more every season. I'm just lovin her right now.

Jenny~"say it Shay, say it, Stacy Murk is a f*ckin cunt" I love that lol

Papi is hot! I would have like to see her with Helena.

Tina- hate her...well I dont hate her but I don't really like her right now. I never really liked her much anyway.

Bette-Sexy as usual

Alice-Love her to death. and I agree, she is the L word. The show wouldn't be the same without her.

mym00nsprple said...

Oh Shane is and always will be HOT as hell. I like the Shay storyline too. I wish Carmen would come back...her and Shane were a good couple. The Alice and Papi scene had me cracking up.....circles, circles, circles. LMAO Great scene!

mylabel said...

ep2 was lots better than ep1 but everybody seems to still be faking it ... like they are trying to pretend all the drama from last season didn't happen, alice should not be over dana in the least ... when your best friend dies you keep remembering lil stuff here and there and the planet should bring out some of those memories, a lil flashback here and there would not kill the show

-glad they didn't have tina's boyfriend on this episode but tina was still annoying ... its the way her face exaggerates every word she says

-danielle is so hot even though i she's playing max ... her face cant hide ... and max character is getting better and i cant wait until the boss's daughter gets her naked

-bette is amazingly gorgeous and i'm glad she's back in suits and being bossy again, i hope she doesn't hook up with her assistant because bette can do so much better

-shane looks like her same ole self (i'm the only person i know that isn't head over heels in love with shane ... she's boring)

-helena doesn't sound so british without all her money but she still smokin

-papi seems cheesy ... i dont know how she picks up women with those lines ... i felt sorry for alice having to sex her ... circles! please! that was just a way to save alice from kissing her and having to do a real sex scene

-speaking of that scene, the sex/intimate scenes have become non-existent on this show ...

-alice is the comic relief but also the glue between all the girls and also beautiful ... i miss her and dana

-jenny, my fav, i love when she gets all angry ... she's too cute ... i hope this season she's not too materialistic ... that rant about the handbag was so outta character

Marah said...

Date huh? I thought you were taken Arlan? Arlan, that's such a nifty name. I dig it. You know, the lesbians need shirts that say "I'd go straight for..." I think that'd be amusing too, because, yeah, lesbians, kinda already gay. *giggles* And you should try commenting back sometime you know? *pokes* <3 Michi

Anonymous said...

i think that is the first time we have gotten to see a hand in some panties in the L word... ;) but that maybe because i LOVE alice!! i would take some full frontal alice ANYTIME of the week.. she is my fav character i agree that without miss hailey there is no L word.
-and does bette's new TA look like Tina to just me?
-i did love it when Jenny was like just say it shay, say it, and shane was like have a nice day jenny..
- It makes me super nervous about the boss's daughter though, i can see max getting in a lot of trouble with that..
-i have disowned tina, firing helena was just typical at this point..
-and papi, well if someone just was shaking their limo with my roommate, they better damn well have a bathroom button before trying to get with me....

Dani said...

I liked this episode a lot better than the 1st.

I'm DYING to know what reggaeton song is playing in the beginning of the episode. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Papi...or should I say "Popi"...i wish I could say it later...and if circles are al girls want...I got mad circles ladies! the hair...she's sooo hot!

Poor Max...this ones not going to end well any way you cut it.

I am very stoked w/ the direction of this season!

Did I mention Papi? God, her voice, her lips, her dominance, her sensuality...oooh, it's getting hot in here...uh...I gotta go to bed and do some fantasizing...chow ladies.

Anonymous said...


I wanna see I wanna see! This is so unfair! I cant even try and take a sneak peak cause I will just spoil it.

belive it or not i think i was the worlds last gay girly to see the L word i had a week off work sick and watched every single episoed! alll in 3 days i am addicted!!

Anonymous said...

Say it with me, Stacy Merkin is a fucking cunt!

Anonymous said...


That was fucking great. <33

The last three seasons, I have been absolutely infatuated with Shane. And now, Papi is a new infatuation.

If Shane and Papi are ever shown getting it on, I will fucking DIE.

Faith0108 said...

Oh so much to say!

First, I must revert to episode one and say, "There is a God... Marina is back!" I didn't even like her in Season one until I watched it for the second time.

Max is really coming along but that girl she is seeing is gonna be trouble.

Off topic: Daniella Sea... WOW! L Word Season 4 premiere party in Atlanta... She was there and I can't believe how HOT she is in person!

Jenny: Vagina Wig! I know you've all said it already... but it's worth saying again.

Papi: I don't get it! Shane wins, game over. Circles? Please! I'm not impressed. However, Alice was super hot in the radio scene when she presses herself to the glass.

Shane: The kid? This should be interesting!

Bette and Tina: They need to get it together before Angelica starts acting like Jenny. I can see it now, "Mommy B and Mommy T are two crazy cunts. Say it, Angelica, say it." Will Shane be there to save the day then?

Wahine1010 said...

Bette: super hot dean!! I loved when she flexed her bicep, YUM.

Jenny: LIKABLE! For once she's acting fairly normal, just feel bad her book reviews are so harsh.

Shane: greatest was keeping from Jenny from cussing in front of Shay. Classic!

Alice: super cute, super funny, without her this show would stall.

Helena: YUM. I don't care if she's out of work, she could work me anytime.


Max: congrats on a first date, good luck telling her you're not a full dude yet.

I managed to run into Leisha Hailey last night, while watching the L word at the Falcon in Hollywood,shes awesome!
And she's friends with my all time crush Clea Duvall who was also super cute and nice.
Oh and Michelle Rodriguez showed up and once again was so sad.

Anonymous said...

i beginning to like alice more and more...she's just fucking adorable.

papi isn't too bad..let her character grow:p...


poor kit dealing with the pregnancy.bleh.

poor max..what is he going to do?

i dislike tina>:(

I WISH CARMEN WAS IN SEASOn 4!!!!:~~~~~~~~~(

Anonymous said...

bring carmen back and loose jenny...please!!!

Anonymous said...

Papi is over hyped,what a let down.She looks like she just rocked up out of a dirt patch,all sweaty/gross and unshowered.What a disappointment.Carmen is about 2986458642 times hotter.I also hate the fact marina just disappeared...whats up with that???
Finally..Lara should of been made a full time cast member.I hate all these constant cast changes,especially with crap people

Anonymous said...

Why did Alice act like she couldn't pronounce Papi....HELLOOOOO YOUR IN CALI! I'm sure she's heard the word before.
Can anyone else see the Teacher's assistance being MAJOR TROUBLE for Bette???? i c sexual harrassment charges!

√°ine said...

Well, the obvious first-
Shane: *imcomprehensible gibberish* mhmm
Alice: uber-cute, I love her more and more with each season. Mmm...circles.
Tina: really, really not liking her at all. I dislike her voice very much. Although, I found her slightly toleratable in episode 2 than 1

Bette: I'm starting to see the attraction now hehe
Papi: I really wasnt looking forward to, but shes actually not as bad as I had thought.

Anonymous said...

Papi is not impressive (also NOT latina), she tries too hard.
(btw: Where the hell did Alice hide her little voice-recorder??)
And did Papi find the time to shower and change her clothes. I doubt it...

The Jenny-Story was a little weird. I didn't understand why this woman would interview Jenny for hours just to write a bad review?

I really felt for poor Kit and poor Max who was kinda sweet.

I just pray, Bette will stick with her professional "Dean-Porter-attitude". Even though the bizeps-thing was rather hot, Nadia is just annoying. Bette could get into trouble here...

Anonymous said...

Hhhhmmmm,... I *love* Helena!!! She's so fucking adorable. I pretty much know that she will be my wife, heh.

Seriously, why DIDN'T They show here and Papi?!?!? Although it would have broken my heart to see Helena with another woman yet agian, but she is even more sexy while she's having sex, lol.

Anonymous said...

Tina: pisses me off! God she pisses me off... I really liked her in season 2 when she was so cute and loved to cook and be there for bette. They were the ultra, extreme lesbian couple <3 =)

Helena: adorable, sexually charged beauty. i love her accent and her fire. I knew she would want a piece of papi..

Papi: sweet lord is papi hot!!! She was cheesy, and if circles worked miracles to get her 1000 something women...i would say she was a genius with her hands, (but arent we all ;) maybe i just speak for myself heheehe ) Im pretty sure she has enough passion and looks to get her a large amount of women alone.

Alice: i love alice and agree she gets hotter every season...shes just a minx hm?

Bette: a powerful, sexy, successful, smart lesbian that gives all lesbians a good name, in my opinion. I love her character, shown as strong but has these lovely soft spots for educated, hawt women . rawwrrr!

lol Shane WHY?! dont go towards the dr00gs bc u found out your dad is probably most of the reason you cant commit well! oy, what a horrible time to meet your long lost father...who happens to be very similar to shane. all i know is i think the dynamic of shane and shay is touching...and shane is damn skinny, she needs to eat a sandwich. maybe it adds to her charm, i dunno...neh

carmen: damn it why ?! i liked carmen @ first, i mean who wouldnt...she is hot, maternalistic, fiery, passionate in bed, until she had that dream last season...
=( she looked so good in her wedding dress =(

Marina: omg, she was skinnier in this bc i would love if she had a little more meat on her. still as fiery as ever!

Jenny: HAHA, i am a little bias bc im jewish but i think she is funny, sexy, and passionate about life in a morose, bias, observing and sometimes overly judgemental kind of way. "BU JEW" hehe, im pretty sure that was freakin hilarious to me, and i love when jenny goes off on people.

that dude with tina: hes ugly, too involved...doesnt really rationalize the situations they come across...he angers me as well.

the TA: hawt

Max: i enjoy max, he/she brings rationality into some situations and a bit of peace of mind. I dont know i really think he is a cool person who has beautiful hair and eyes. I think max is very beautiful for a male or female...or both.

shay: lol i hope you dont die.

Anonymous said...

Ok so AM I the only one that heard that Carmen is gonna be in episode 3&5 I mean in could be the wrong info, but then again she might be in them for all of 5mins. BUt i would love to see her again Such Hottness. OH and am i also the only one who thinks Papi is tryin to take the whole carmen role minus being with Shane and a few other things????

Anonymous said...

2 things:

1.) What I learned from The L Word via Season 4 Episode 2: Never stereotype truck drivers, but always stereotype mexicans, how horrible!

2.) Stacy Mirkin is a fucking cunt!

Anonymous said...

ill always love l word... papi is hot for sure, but i think they over exaggerateed it too much like when she came into the restaurant the WHOLE restaurant wa slike "pAPIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAIII!!!!" kinda over the top.

alice in the club trying to find papi , being all dramatic like "looks like im being sent on another wild goose chase.." it was kinda funny like we were watching some action movie set in mexico or watever. then in the limo alice going "CIRCLES ARE GOOD PAPI! YA!" that cracked me up.

Yeah helena is cute... the way she saw alice come out of the limo... then went jogging and papi went after her hehe..

i 'm likin Cybill's role.

i liked how that chick was hittin on bette... bette needs to get some. even tho she wasnt really fallin for it.

Anonymous said...

p.s. yea i would like to see carmen again.. its kinda sad she left...

Anonymous said...

yea i also wonder if they will ever mention dana... like... any acknowledgment's of all that went down with that.

kg said...

Okay Okay...

Us, "baby dykes" have our weekly L word parties. And by "baby dykes," i mean little lesbians aged 17-22.

Anyway. My baby dyke opinion..

Shane: Totally turned off after seeing her dump Carmen and turn into a coke head w/ Sherri... so she's going to have to totally UP her humanitarian efforts with her brother and all lesbian-kind to get back to where she was in my book..

Alice: OHHH Alice has always been my favorite.. and this season she seems to be getting hotter by the episode. I love her quirky-ness. Mmm.. and the scene with papi.. priceless.

Helena and Bette are HOTT as ever. I really hope Bette doesn't get w/ her TA though.. she reminds me too much of Tina, and I definitely DON'T like Tina this season... nor last season for that matter.

Jenny is strange, but I love her weirdness. We all have a friend like Jenny..

I'm interested to see what happens to the Shay storyline.. I mean, he's living with Max, Shane and Jenny... that can't be TOO healthy. ;]

Episode 2:
MUCH better than episode 1.

Only.. where was MANGUS??

Anonymous said...

i flipped my shit when marina appeared in episode one. that's really all i can process right now.

Anonymous said...

yeah the shay theme is cute... like all at the restaurant and shays like " i think im gonna puke..." and shanes like "oh the bathrooms over there.." and everyones like ?!?!?! and shanes like " waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat."

jenny.. she is pretty cool i guess... I am a fellow jewgirl too so yeah ehhhehe. i dunno sometimes she bugs me though.. like did u see teh way she talked to shane about shay? "i dont know, i just think, you're hiding away.. and ur using the kid as an excuse.." or watever.. the way she was actin gwith her hands?? did anyone notice that? i was like uh.. then freaking out about her bag...ahah. uh.

max goin out with the bosses daughter.. shes pretty hot.. and how max *understood* everything and she was like wow.... i hope she still likes him when she finds out.


Anonymous said...

arlan do u seriously need to ask for a date over the internet? girl come on i'm sure u have no problem in that area. ;)

Your Daily Lesbian Moment! said...

anonymous, yes, i seriously do. and yes i do. :-)

interested? ;-)

Anonymous said...


i love this scene:

Shay: I think I'm gonna throw up.
Shane: Oh, umm... Look, the bathroom's right over there.
Helena: Shane...
Shane: What?
Helena: You should go with him.
Shane: What the hell am I supposed to do?
Bette: Hold his hair.
Shane: He doesn't have any hair!

haha poor Shane
i love her

Anonymous said...

ok sooo alice: sexy-er this season maybe she looks older...
helena: fuckign amazing eyes
papi: not as hot as expected
shane: fuckign sexy as usual man i love her
carmen: comeback i miss you ahhhhh how can they not have carmen she was sooo fine
jenny: i think i hate her more and more each episode man they shoulda killed her not dana who was amazingf!