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Friday, March 23, 2007

Curve magazine spotlight!

the April 07 issue of Curve magazine has a big fashion spread in it, and they used one of my "Shane is my HOMOgirl" shirts in one of the large pics:-) i didnt know they were going to do that, so it was a wonderful surprise. if you are a subscriber, you probably have already received this issue. if not, you can check newsstands and book stores for a copy. it looks awesome and the girl who's modeling the shirt is hot!

hey shirt model girl at me;-)

if you happen to own a copy of this, it would be really cute if you'd take a pic of you holding it up on that specific page and send me the pic! or you know, take some video footage of you on your bed naked, on top of pages of the magazine, like the (show me the) money helena shot on l word;-)

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Anonymous said...

The "show me the money" thing on TLW was pretty funny. (: Helena is so hot. Catherine bugs me....