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Monday, March 26, 2007

my thoughts on the season finale of the L Word Season 4...


ok so check this out: i liked the episode. (green, im sorry....keep readin tho)

in fact, i cant really think of a better episode this season. which isnt saying much at all, but still. see i didnt really like season 2. dana and alice saved it for me. season 3 i didnt like. dana and alice and helena saved it for me.

and by season 4, it was just like...yeah lets just take what we can get. show me some titty. tittie? no...titty?? hmmm...

anyway, i felt more satisfied with this episode than i have for a long time. and i mean in and outside of tv viewing. thats unfortunate for me. but yeah...

shane fucking that one chick (i like to pretend to not know her name cause it pisses that one girl who commented last time off) fucking...that shit was hot. i wouldn't have cared if they'd have shown clips of the Pilsbury Doughboy masturbating to a picture of Aint Jemima between it, it was still HOT.

and the sign caper scene. i dont care if it couldnt have really happened. i dont care if they never showed how Bette got over things and through things and around things. she just magically appeared after alice and shane grunted their way through an obstacle course. i dont care. all i know is that i got to hear alice shriek and that shit was funny.

helena's still hot no matter what she does, but i had hoped they'd show her topless more in this episode.

kit didnt say anything crazy. angus didnt say...anything at 'tall. both things are wonderful.

jenny's hair was cool. i liked that they filmed at the Standard Hotel cause i felt like Paris Hilton for a few minutes knowing id been there before. there is a chick who swims in a giant fish tank in the lobby! its hot.

Tasha's hot. she should *do it* more often.

bette and jodi made me smile.

the beach made me smile.

helena saying "go fuck yourself" made me smile, AND it made me remember the time she said it to me. it was more of a command than a frustrated outburst then though.

here's what the L Worders should do next season:

-dont add any more characters unless its me.

-use my shirts in some scenes

-have sex and nudity in EVERY episode no matter what. that way, even if the writing sucks, we can at least get our money's worth. to make this abundantly clear: when in doubt, pop a tit out. when in fear, show some rear. when in question, show some helena masturbation. i know that doesnt rhyme, but dont worry about that. just show us some chicks DOING each other. (ooh, ooh, ok i could have said, " some lady erection.")

-spend less money and time on lighting and make up and wardrobe, and more time on storyline development, and showing us ass.

-give me a role as a lesbian blogger who falls in love with Alice once i hear about her ourchart site. then have me in a threesome with Alice and Helena. and pay me $100,000.

-if you cant arrange any of that, just send me a video of Leisha Hailey and Rachel Shelley saying they'd go gay for me.

-give Kit a gripping storyline like you did in Season 1.

-stop making Jenny so crazy. stop killing dogs and for the love of CHRIST, stop interrupting 3somes with her, marina and that chick from Alias. are you people MAD??

i think thats all...i'll add more later if i think of anything...


Melissa said...

I loved the Shane/Paige sex scene....but who wouldn't. I think Paige is not ready for a commitment like Shane wants.

I loved seeing Jenny get smacked down by Merkin and I hope she drowns out there in the ocean....or is at least reborn as a real human being.

Bette's sign caper was extremely romantic and you are so right Arlan.....hearing Alice shreak was sweet.

Oh, and Phyliss and the! Next season does have something to look forward to after all.....besides jenny drowning.

green said...

ok ok ok -- i've got it!!!

when they make you the blogger who falls in love w/ alice, i can be your roommate who walks in on the two of you. then i can join in!!!

television magic.


morgan said...

I thought it was an ok episode. I like season 2, and kind of liked season 3. Season 3 lacked the depth that the series started off with. I miss that.

Dana was always my favorite, so seeing her in this episode was the highlight for me. The funniest moment for me was after Dana says to Alice, "I wanna see you in your fucking party dress!" and right at that moment I was thinking, "Jesus, why is she cussing so much?"

Then Alice turns around and says, "You know, you really do curse a lot more!" That definitely made me laugh out loud.

I've been pissed off throughout this entire season because of the fact that they've not once mentioned Dana's name. She was such a huge part of the show for the first 3 years, I don't see how they can just pretend she was never there.

I guess I kind of agree that this was the best episode of the season, however, I feel as though it left too many questions unanswered. I know that's what they're supposed to do in season finale's, but they left you without the slightest clue as to what the hell is going on with these women and why. I can only hope that they do better next season, but it's doubtful.

arlan said...

you know i think that the ratings drop of this season, and the fan feedback is REALLY going to humble the writing team for next season. before, they were on cloud 9. they were able to kill of a main character and still get renewed and still think their numbers would be through the roof.

this season, they had like...what, 60% of the viewership of last season? they know now that they cant fuck with fussy lesbians for too long without it biting them in the ass.

plus, season 5 is a nice round number to make it their last season. they'll probably be writing it as if its their last. i'll tune in to see if they took my advice about all the ASS they need to show.

really, they just need to pop a "shane is my homogirl" tshirt on alice during the first episode of season 5, and they'll have good luck the rest of the nseaso:-)

Anonymous said...

Funny blog...I would like to be in a episode of The L Word also,with my tounge down Bettes throat!!!!! :)in every scene.

sarah said...

i loved this episode. i agree that tasha is hot. so far this has been my favorite season because i like all of the new characters that have been introduced. paige and shane is hot - their sex scenes are great! im looking forward to next season!

Anonymous said...

umm where is my carmen ahh i miss her i thought maybe she was gonna walk in on shane and paige fucking(yay shane is hotttttttt) but no dana is awesome fucking swaring and all yay! humm what else helena..... stealign money from that cunt hahaha humm jenny sucks at life i hate her more n more tina in love with bett GAY i dont like it at all bette n jodi cute and i love how she got the sign for her romantic tasha sexy as hell papi is in love with kit... idk if i liek that back to shane HOT love her i want a role in teh l word playin basketball lol awesome! i want more this season was wayyyyyy to quick way ... and it didnt leave my with a huge wtf... which i dint enjoy.. i mean teh other seasons left me like ahhh shane leaing carmen at teh alter dana alice kissing ya know this seaon dull but i will still go back for more!!

Erin said...

I honestly felt that this season was pretty dull. There were like two decent episodes in the middle in a row, and then the excitement tapered off. I think it had to do with the fact that these two episodes showed some damn PASSION, and then it faded.

Although I adore Papi, Jodi, and Tasha...and sometimes even Cybil...there were too many main characters this season. The previous seasons were full of complex, intricate story lines that really made it easy to fall for the characters and care about them. Well, this season not so much.

Although I liked season 3, I am still full of resentment that Dana is gone, being that she was my favorite. However, the REALLY disappointing thing was not seeing or hearing of her until the last episode. But I tell you, I almost cried when she came back. That scenes was all of the excitement of season 4 wrapped in 3 minutes.

Shane has always had some of the best sex scenes, and it just continues with Paige. But I LOVE Carmen, and hate that Shane is so domestic now but couldn't be with Carmen. I know Shane is all different now because of Shay, but still.

Jenny...I hope she gets lost out at sea like Elian Gonzales. I haven't liked Jenny since the beginning but this season really made me loathe her. I really loved how Stacy and Tina's prospective told her about herself. That was amazing.

Anyway, I love Bette and Jodi. What Bette did was incredible. The sign stealing scene was hilarious...and we saw Kate's ass. BUT part of me still roots for Tina.

And don't get me started on Max. Max and Tina were too absent this season.

Anyway, bring on season 5...but on ON DEMAND because I might find other things to do if the trend continues.

diamondforever said...

Aaaaand AMEN.

Tyandra said...

Ahhh, Arlan, I'm with ya: bring on some TASHA! :) And they have to bring Carmen back! I liked this season in that it was nice getting to know more characters but the season should have been longer so we could get more in depth with them. I guess of course that's what next season would be for! :)


That is all. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree 110%

What the hell?! Leaving the season with Jenny floating in the ocean....season 5 opener: Jenny drowning...wait...wasn't that the season 4 opener with Shane?

They shouldn't have brought Dana back...seeing Erin Daniels back on the show really spelled it out that THIS SHOW NEEDS DANA.

Does anyone else feel like this season went absolutely nowhere?

The saving grace of this season; Jenny, basketball, Bette, and Helena.

dopedupdawl said...

did anyone else notice that bette didn't steal the frame of the sign, yet had it on the tractor??

oh w/e. i've got mixed feelings about this season. i LOVED the AR ep, but that's the only one i can really remember, and that's not exactly good.

oh, and i agree with above... throwing dana in was TOTS a tease.. although i almost creamed when i saw erin daniels in the opening credits ;)

paine? meh. phyllis/joyce? too convenient. bettina? i relaly want them back together, which is a completely foreign feeling for me...

paige/phyllis/papi/tasha? yeah, tasha's hot. whatevs. all the new characters were tots devoid of real life characteristics.

and yeah, can we give jenny a storyline that ISN'T a complete character assasination? i love mia, and she deserves better.

and helena -- clearly the hottest girl on the show -- should have a lot more screentime (and i agree that we should have a helena masterbation scene :D) and perhaps an ACTUAL storyline that involves character development..? am i reaching too far?

i don't know. this season was bittersweet. it's like nothing actually happened. the writers tried to fit too much in and nothing came through. gahhh.

and my fav quotes fall between:
"vagina wig" jenny, obvs
"i don't date girls who wear doilies" alice.

here's hoping s.5 does the cast some justice! :)

madgey said...

"when in doubt, pop a tit out"

a mantra to live by.

I'd like them to go all Dallas and have someone (preferably me) wake up from a dream and Dana is in the shower (preferably waiting for me).

I miss her :-(

Anonymous said...

Mr.Fuerher Face of Doom says: L-gay has been sucking. At least queer as folk NEVER sucked. I think they had the right combination of ppl who were almost famous or well off to the ratio of ppl who WERE acutally WELL off and famous. they were humble in QAF. In is EVERYONE like AMAZING and successfull and fucking RAD. impossible. it's not like that always. and then they do somehthing drastic like cancer and killing dana off. smh. this season sucked. not enough SEX at all. not enough depth at all....too much bullshit. I think the main reason ppl keep watching is hopes of it getting better.

im loosing hope.
i cannot wait to buy all the QAF seasons. ghey men sex is infinitely better than a bad L-gay plot.

Amber said...

I automatically love you because you said Jodi and Bette made you smile. That shit was the romantic thing I've seen in a long time, I was soo happy to see it. I love this couple, and you'd think that was an awful sin the way the crazy TiBetters react to them. Is it so wrong that Bette have some damn happiness for once? Seriously! Off my soapbox now, and btw I'm Amber, the girl you asked to friend on myspace. I gotta love a girl who watches Alias and The L Word. Have you ever read Misty's L Word/Alias crossover? Love it.

AfterPortia said...

Am I crazy or is Tina fucking awesome in this episode? Like AMAZING. While I totally love Bette and Jodi, I secretly want Bette to get back together with Tina - I know it's blasphamous. I HATE myself for thinking/writing it, but I can't help it!

Check out my blog for more

Anonymous said...

I liked the finale but I thought that the best episode of the season was the Ar directed episode as someone else had mentioned. That phone scene was the best ever. But yeah I actually liked that this season didn't end w/ some huge cliffhanger. Overall though I agree that the show didn't really go anywhere this season. I didn't even realize it was almost over till there were only 3 more episodes and I was shocked. Oh well...I wanted more Marina too. Talk about teases. Grr...and yeah don't even get me started about Dana. :(