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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

aol: another. online. lesbian.

i recently explained the origin of my name in a comment on slo & green's blog. i was named after my mom's ex boyfriend. arlan is a dude's name. i am a gay chick. thats sorta ironical and shit. and yes i said "ironical." im not taking it down.

today i shook cyber hands with a lady who shares what has become my blessing and my curse. her name is....wait for it...


how hot is that? i dont know about you, but i think thats pretty fuckin' hot.

you know its like how Charlize Theron's close friends call her "Charlie." the mere thought of her answering to CHARLIE sets my pants afire. is "afire" a real word?

anywaaaayz...Kevyn Abernathy is a self-proclaimed "professional blogger" on AOL's gay & lesbian blog there are 8 contributors to this blog, and Kevyn (hot name!) is the only lady-lovin-lady.
there's another chick on there, but she's straight, so she cant be trusted. *wink*

go to the site and check it out. its super gay and lots of fun. and we could all use some more AOL and Tylenol in our lives. couldnt we? man, i need a sponsor for this blog! *thinking...*

you know, my business cards say "professional lesbian." one day i hope to be a professional blogger as well. and a professional lady-pleaser. and a professional word-creator. and a professional cunnilinguist. hee.

thats it. im totally going to kinkos tomorrow and getting a business card made up that just says "Professional Cunnilinguist" with my phone number on the back. fuck yeah. we should all get some made! it can be our secret society. that wont be secret as soon as a bunch of lesbians walk into their local kinkos and get the cards made.

but whatevs...


Cody said...

arlan, i share the blessing/curse as well. my name is cody. and while i may not be professional, i am a lesbian extraordinaire.

amy said...

May I PLEASE be part of your secret society? As it stands now, I am a Drafter/ Pornographist. But... 'Professional Cunnilinguist'! Wow! What an aspiration!!

kck said...

Dang. Sexy, girly chicks with dude names make me cream. Like when Jessica Alba played Max in Dark Angel, or how Sarah Chalke is playing Elliot on Scrubs, or Elizabeth Hendrickson played Frankie on All My Children.


Chicks with dude names are awesome.