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Friday, April 13, 2007

the gayest show about pregnancy ABC has ever produced...

if you watch General Hospital on a daily basis like i do, then you've probably been bombarded for the past month or so with commercials about the new ABC show "Notes from the Underbelly." im usually not a fan of lite comedy targeted at early 30somethings on...well...ABC (cept for maybe "Desperate Housewives") but since its starring the amazing Jennifer Westfeldt, i knew i had to give it a chance.

and...survey says? well its pretty damned funny, even if youre not straight, 30something, or middle class:

(at 2:06) we see a glimmer of our old Jennifer:-) )

Jennifer of course co-wrote, co-produced and starred in one of the top 5 lezzy movies of all time, "Kissing Jessica Stein." if you havent seen this movie yet, go directly to Blockbuster. do not pass go!

if Paris from Gilmore Girls had an affair with Samantha from Sex in the City, their lovechild would be "Cooper," played by Raechel Harris. she definitely has the shows' best lines. ive loved her since "Fat Actress" (another fucking amazing comedy). you may also recognize her from the Christopher Guest movies.

so yeah, watch the show with me next Wednesday and we'll do each others nails and have a pillow fight afterwards!

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Brittany said...

I think some one should find that commercial Rachael was talking about. :)