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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i wonder what its like to be straight.

does that make me straightcurious?

this is hot:

if there is anyone who finds any problem with that clip, i ask that that person please seek help immediately!

oh, and by the way, that's basically the clip that loops continuously in my mind. but only when im awake. or asleep.

so i was saying, i wonder what its like to be a straight woman. i never wanna find out personally, but it just intrigues me. cause i can get a woman being attracted to men. thats cool. you dont have to set up shop with a dyke to be cool in my book. to each his own. but i just dont understand how any woman could look at something like whats up there (and looping right now in my mind) and NOT want to experience it at least one time.

are there really women out there who look at that and say "ew, gross." and mean it?? the problem is, if youre that woman, youre most likely not reading my blog so i cant hear from you. so i guess what i'll need you guys to do is go recruit a straight friend and ask her to answer. we might get some really interesting conversation going if lots of you do that. AND it'll be a good ice breaker if youve been trying to get that straight friend into bed. so its educational, and erotic. again, two of my nicknames in high school.

movies featured:

"Lost & Delirious"
"It's in the Water"
"Better than Chocolate"
"Girl Interrupted"


JaG said...

I was straight. It's boring.

Jaxxx said...

i totally agree with the comment before mine...being straight is just boring. being with a girl...there's just so much passion, so much romance. it's just so much better... :)

dee said...

imagine looking at a picture of a naked man.
now imagine someone watching that video, and having the same reaction you did to the naked man.
:s :s :s
i dont getit!!
just bloody stupid aren't they really.
oh...and i agree with what they said ^^

Anonymous said...

oh damn. 1:30 to 1:13. does anyone know what movie that is from? i'll love you forever. <3

arlan said...

anonymous, its from "Better than Chocolate" :-)

Jackie said...

Hey when did they kiss in girl interupted... i so missed that!!!

Anonymous said...

I was straight in the begginning, well so i thuaght XD. It was completly boring, it always seemed to be the same old thing. With girls its more intimate and there is way more passion and with me i just always felt a stronger connection to women.

Dooby1981 said...

To quote you, Arlan "are there really women out there who look at that and say "ew, gross.""...

I have one..I lent a girl I know a copy of Kissing Jessica Stein..and she gave it back to me and said.."There was too much lezzing off in it, I switched it off". What?? Hmmm. So yes, these people do exist.

Anonymous said...

ugh straight girls lol. my friend asked me how we do it and i said various ways i am a virgin but i tried to explain in detail to her. i told her u dont need a guy to please u and shes like ya u do. aah they will never listen

KAT said...

goddam Arlan!! that was so hot!!! im so gonna get in trouble for watching this type of clips at my job,, well, it will be worth it ;)!

Anonymous said...

If you keep putting videos like this on your blog, I will surely end up being bi instead of just bi-curious...

It is so erotic, I really need to experience it one day soon...

Thanks for the video.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathy. Keep it up and I'll go from bi to full blown lesbian! ;) A movie that you should check out-if you haven't yet--is "When Night Is Falling". It's a Canadian interracial lesbian romance; it's one of my favorite lesbian movies! And YouTube has a clip of the erotic scenes!


Cheryll said...

Love the video!!
Love the song!!
But what is the song?
and idk how anybody can think this is wrong.
Love is love
get the fuck over it America

Alicia said...

well, i was sent here to be the straight girl. i watched the video and thought it was very erotic, however, real life girl-on-girl doesn't entice me. when i see a beautiful woman all she is to me is a beautiful woman. i don't get tingles and jingles for women like i do for men.

think about all the feelings you have when you're with a woman..those are the feelings i get for men. if i were to be with a woman, i would think it would be boring because those feelings are lacking.

i was more shocked by the anti-straight sentimate from a community that wants acceptance. not all of us are horrible homophobes, ya know.

lesbian erotica and porn can get me going, but i've never had the desire to kiss a girl in real life.

does that help at all? haha, it's way too late to be profound.

Anonymous said...

yeah that's how I explain how I'm gay to my straight friends. I just get that tingly feeling and butterflies with girls and with's just...nothing. So I'd imagine it'd be the opposite for straight girls.


Anonymous said...

Girl, Interrupted is more of a psuedo-lesbian movie, I'd say... kind of like Bend it Like Beckham. The characters in question in both *should* have been gay, but weren't ever confirmed as so (and two of them had guy-relationships going on too... ugh).