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Monday, May 21, 2007

i want to get this treat, Brighton.

when i let the lovely women of the UK+ know that i'm trying to go there in August, the response was pretty amazing. and as some of you know, i am absolutely obsessed with the accents and general hotness of you lot (hee), so im super excited and working very hard to make it happen.

one of the main places (besides London) that was recommended to me is Brighton, a super-gay town in the south. and believe you me, ive added it to my list.

and these girls i found on youtube...well i want to kick it with them while i'm there. please take me to a coffee shop and talk to me ALL DAY LONG. please?

sure, i didn't understand 20% of it, and i probably won't when im there with you. but its all gravy baby. cause i just wanna be all up on yall. you, your friends, your friends friends. im easy. *ahem* i just want to be surrounded by your different accents.

.......aaaand also...i want this to happen to me the moment i leave the airport:

(from the tv show "Torchwood")


Anonymous said...

Anyone think the girls sound like voices for Creature Comforts?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anonymous - they do sound like creature comforts

However to my point.... Arlan make sure you're gonna be in Brighton the 4th of August coz it's Pride Weekend, there'll be more lesbians than youcan shake a stick at!!!

Hope to see you there

Anonymous said...

torchwood is an awesome show

and i'm from the u.s

Amanda said...

I love how they get so off topic that they start talking about whether animals can have mental disorders or not. haha

Kate said...

4th August, Pride!
its actually the best ever :D

Brighton is amazing :)
I'll buy you a coffee :D

Lauren said...

okay, so get yourself over here hun and i wanna take you partying. Pride's in the summer over here are fantastic everywhere, Brighton, leeds, manchester, london they're all good, so let me show you how we les it up over here!! :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Those two girlies are cool:)
Brighton is cool:)