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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jenny from the ROCK

ok so let me get to the point: this chick...

...reads this blog. on a regular basis. and likes it.

yes...i mean this chick:


ever since i met Jennifer Arroyo that one time on that one tour bus when she was still with this one band...


...and she said that the only way she would ever do a duet with Britney Spears is if she'd get to sleep with her afterwards, i've wanted to marry this woman.

years later, i find out that she's diggin' the site. gotta love the internet!

today, Jennifer's knee-deep in all sorts of work, from promotions to djing on the east coast, to working with her new band Suicide City. this is one of their videos for the song "Give Me Your Pity." i like it cause it rhymes with "suicide city" AND "titty." and in the vid, Jennifer's wearing a belt buckle that says "PUSSY" on it. its like she's been asking for me all this time.

check out her myspace page to see her DJing/band gig dates and to find out more about Suicide City!


Anonymous said...

She's also super nice. I met her after the show Suicide City had when they came to Denver with MSI.

Oh yeah, and I got to kiss her. No joke.


Anonymous said...

so i just thought i'd let you know
i saw your wife preform the other night
she was as beautiful as ever!