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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Terra 'cross the pond...

this new clip that Terra added to youtube really lifted my spirits today, so i thought id pass it on in hopes that it does the same for anyone who needs it. and if youre already flyin' high, its still good times. check it, yo:

(see more @!)

answers to FAQ i get asked about Terra:

-she is straight
-she is a huge supporter of the gay & lesbian community
-she would go gay for shane ;-)
-she makes really good fruit margaritas
-she is releasing her single worldwide in june, and album worldwide in august. jump on it.

...and here is the new vid for "Say It's Possible"...


Amanda said...

Wow. I really like her stuff. Will her single make U.S. radio when it's released? I don't know how that all works but I think she'd do well. That first vid. was really inspiring as a composer trying to make it in the music biz. Just goes to show with hard work and passion you can make it.

Arlan, have you ever met her?


arlan said...

im not sure what the details are about radio play and everything in each country. but i think if it gains popularity in one major market, it will be more likely to be aired in others. so we'll just have to keep voting for her on mtv and requesting her on the radio...once the single is released.

and to answer your other question, yeah...ive met her a few times;-)

shes a good friend of mine. and ive mentioned her on the blog several times. jump on the bandwagon!