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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

your new favorite indie lesbian singer/songwriter...

hello my petite dafodils. i just got REALLY excited (yaknowwhatimsayin) when i realized that my good friend Courtney Fairchild ( had her music available for purchase digitally. she doesnt know that im featuring her today, so i hope this is the first step in us actually getting on a phone and talking to each other! its been way too long Courtney;-)

ive known Courtney for years. we first met in Dallas...and have been around the country together. her music has kept me company since the first day i heard it. and i truly believe you guys are going to LOVE it!

the cool thing about her music--besides how amazing her guitar playing, singing and songwriting skills are--is that she uses the words "she" and "her" in her love songs. *sigh*

so yeah, i stole the embed code for her music player from her myspace page so you guys could hear some of her work! if you double click on any song, you get to hear a few seconds of each. and although i have all of her cds (duh), i just purchased "Remind You," "Carolina," and "Dragonfly" cause theyre 3 of my favs and i want them on my itunes:-)

Courtney, if youre reading this, video tape yourself doing "Dog Wouldnt Run" and send it to me to post, and i will love you FOREVER! :-)

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