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Thursday, June 07, 2007

"cause i see blood and i know im alive..."

so lets just get this out of the way: i like women with accents, whips, knives, wall restraint thingies, women who kiss each other, freshly made bread, and women.


(from "Band of Gold")

in 90% of this clip, i have absolutely NO idea what either of these bitches are saying. but it really, really doesn't matter.

superb acting. hot bitches. hot accents. freshly made bread.

and yes, thats Lena Headey from "Imagine You & Me" and "300" about 10 years ago. blimey! or something.

seein' Lena with her short hair made me think of this clip of Kate Moennig...

i miss Salt n' Pepa. and i miss TLC. and boyz ii men. and whitney. but shes coming back.

i feel like doin this:


CRYSTAL said...

wow, wow, that was good, thank you

Ida said...

OMG Kate looks so funny in a pink dress and necklace! It just doens't work for her HAHA

Anonymous said...

And the blonde one is Samantha Morton of "Minority Report" fame. I loove Lena Heady. In fact I love the British women. I love being British, in Britain, surrounded by the British women. Happy days.....

Skye said...

the script for Band Of Gold vid

figured i should help you out with the undersanding of the vid, so i wrote out the script for you. :-)

Scene 1

Bill: talking complicated here

Collette: no we’re not, its dead straight forward. All you need is are couple of bits of wood with knobs on the end so I can tie the mans legs to. And a handle that makes it stretch.

G: no love we’re talking mechanical, we’re talking ratchets and pulleys here. not my area, you need an engineer for that. I'm more of a wood man meself

Tracy: Collette! What you doin you’ve been down here for ages

Co: old Bill's just put me (sounds like medical) up (phone rings) Shit.

B: I better be off, got a job on (something) road, I’ll see what I can find out

C: right. (answers phone) Collette speakin, dark hair, 34 double D, 5 foot 10 with a very short temper. What sort of….hold on. Bill!


B: yeah?

C: how fast can you knock up a cross?

B: Oh God.

Scene 2

C: Hundred quid for being nailed up and all it’s gonna take is a couple of pieces of wood. Should advertise “speciality crucifixions”. Shit, should’ve left that for Lionel, he’d have loved sweeping that up.

T: you know when you hit them

C: yeah

T: Does it really hurt? I mean do you do it properly?

C: yeah course I do. More it hurts more they like it. Sometimes they’re red raw and I'm knackered by the time they’re done.

T: Do you like doing it?

C: It’s better than having a dick stuck in you. And if you’re pissed off you can always take it out on a punter, d’you know what I mean?

T: how do these work?

C: They’re just hand cuffs, you stick your hand in it then you fasten it.

T: like that?

C: yeah…you silly bitch, now I'm gonna have to find the key ain’t I?

T: Put me other hand in

C: what for?

T: I want you to do to me what you do to them. I wanna know what it feels like

C: it bloody hurts that’s what it feels like

T: I want you to hurt me

C: Why?

T: I want you to stop my brain from thinking.

C: You're mad

T: I want you to make me feel better

C: yeah, and make me feel like shite? Forget it, no way

T: but I want you to! I need you to, go ahead, do it

C: No Tracy I can't bloody do it!

T: Why not! You said you liked doing it

C: To those sick bastards, to people I hate

T: Pretend you hate me, pretend I'm one of your punters.

C: I can't Tracy, you don’t understand it, it’d hurt me to hurt you

T: But I want to be hurt. If you love me you’d do it. Do you love me?

C: you know I love you

T: Then do it

C: No Tracy, I can't, I can't, I don’t hate you, I can never bloody hate you!

T: You will though, I’ll make sure of that; you will.

Scene 3

T: so they let you out then? That bloke on crosses said he's taking you to court, said you’d broke his nose, looked a bit skewy to me. (something) you not talking to me? I had to tell cops it were you cos I knew you were clean. I know you didn’t have any shit on you and it’d be your word against mine. I knew they’d let you out. You're not gonna say out then? (meaning you're not gonna say anything then)

C: if you ever do that again then you’re dead! Do you hear me?

T: Go on then…lost your bottle?

Scene 4

T: Collette! Where are you? Come on. Wanna speak to you. (phone) hello?

Guy: is that Tracy’s naughty massage parlour?

T: I know who it is, where are you?

Guy: I'm in the pub so get your arse up here.

T: I'm doing a punter, so I’ll be a little while yeah? Wait for me.

Guy: See ya

T: Who is it?.....Jesus Christ! What's happened to you?

T: I came home to make friends. Bought a rock for us to smoke

C: I kept saying the password but he wouldn’t stop, I screamed daddy at him

T: were he a fat bloke with fair wavey hair?

C: that’s right

T: that’s a madden/the mad one(???) at the hotel, don’t you remember? I told/taught you had to call him daddy. He wouldn’t let me go to toilet, don’t you remember you were giving me?

C: what you doing, I don’t take that off

T: Why not? Give me your hand Collette. Give it me. There's no secrets between us……...Why?

C: cos it stops me thinking. Cos I see blood and I know I'm alive

T: you don’t have to do that. I’ll look after you. I promise I will never leave you.

C: you wouldn’t go back to your punts will you? I couldn’t stand it

T: I'm not gonna! Taste of devils sperm. In the industry that I'm on I can make my own back (not sure). You can help me if you like

C: I’ll do anything you want

T: Just me and you together, aye? I'm sorry bout pressing on you. I don’t know why I do things sometimes. It’s as if I'm testing you or something. I want to love you but I'm frightened that if I let myself go, you’ll hurt me.

C: I won't.

T: everybody I have ever loved has hurt me

C: I won't, I promise. Hey, it’s me birthday today

T: many happy returns

Anonymous said...

What movie is the scene with Kate in it from? I'm wondering. :)

meg said...

The blonde chick's Yorkshire accent reminds me of Mona of "my summer of love". Tre cool!

Lynn said...

hey arlan, completely unrelated, but have you seen these? i stumbled across them and thought of you...