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Monday, July 16, 2007

Jenny Lewis and I adore porn.

There's been lots of porn talk on this here blog recently. Not sure why. Could it be because I've become slightly addicted to it? I really am fascinated by the people who produce and perform in porn, the business of it, and the mindset of female performers. I'm happy that my homegirl Jenny Lewis is just as curious and fascinated by this strange world of flesh as I am. She just looks so much cooler doing it than I do.

She and her merry band of misfits, Rilo Kiley, are rocking my fucking SOCKS off with their new single and video. This is further proof that Jenny and I belong together:

Before you ask, no Jenny is not the gay. She is that rare type of woman that enjoys having a boyfriend. Doesn't mean we can't perv on her though. You have my permission.

Fred Savage knew what he was doin' though years ago. He had the same hope that we all have for ms Jenny...but she sure learned HIM:


Aimée said...

why o why arent you gay jenny...women are quite nice...have you tried? maybe you didnt get a great me 555-123-4569

i love rilo kiley!

Nome said...

I love that you love Rilo Kiley. Where has this blog been all my life?

Meg said...

I love Rilo Kiley!

I knew that you were my soulmate Arlan. <3 bahahahaha