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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lesbian Drama...

I used to think the phrase "lesbian drama" was just something someone made up that didn't really mean anything. Sort of like "crunk," or "sexellent" or "no Arlan, you can't touch my breasts."

But today I'm having a hard time putting together a post because of some lesbian drama! And it's not just like...chick drama, or human drama, or 20something's drama. It's very specific to being a lesbian and has only other lesbians involved.

I was trying to write something upbeat or slightly humorous, but I'm in one of those moods where I can't right now. So I figured I'd hear from some of you guys. What do you think of *lesbian drama*? Whats your experience with it been? Do you think it ever goes away? Like, say for instance, when we get out of high school. (Oops, too late)...or when perhaps we reach a certain age? I wish lesbians were like bonds: that they would eventually reach an age of maturity. *sigh*

I think this song sums up why I (we?) keep going back into the line of lesbian fire, time after time:

("Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry)

And perhaps this song and the visuals here offer another explanation?

The movies used in that clip are:

imagine me & you
saving face
better than chocolate
but im a cheerleader
lost and delirious

& the song = "Breathe Me" by Sia


Anonymous said...

OMG! Yes I beleive in Lesbian Drama. Where I live thats all there is. You consider yourself lucky if you can find someone outside of all that. The gay community is so small that all the girls have already dated each other and everyone holds grudges and fights and what not. But not me...What?

casey said...

i have to believe that some of us mature. release the drama. move through our emotions without causing breakage of spirit, ours or others. i bring grins and calm. when the lesbians in my self made family start emitting the drama vibes, i do my best in assisting the bliss. yet when bliss no come, and much drama persists, i declare lesbian drama breaks. that seems to help some of us dykes take a breath.

Shaye said...

Funny story, Arlan. This (Crazy Bitch) is recently my favorite song. I hear it every night I go to the club. I'm waiting for the girl who will fit the ringtone I have saved on my phone. But, whatever you're going through, I'm sending some positive vibes your way. Don't let it stress you too much.

Anonymous said...

I HATE DRAMA!...The words Ive been screaming for the last 2 years! Im 45 and hung out with a large circle of women ranging from their early 20's to late 40s. I can tell you that age doesnt matter, in fact some of the nastiest drama came from the older women! It had gotten so bad that for the sake of my own sanity, I quit my job, moved thousands of miles to a new state, deleted over 50 "friends" off of my myspace friends list, and cut myself off from all the gossip going on over there! (which still goes on!). I didnt walk, I RAN! So, YES there is such a monster as lesbian drama and IM DONE WITH IT!!

Anonymous said...

Lesbian Drama is a daily thing in my life lately, so I know how you feel. It just wouldn't be a nomral day for me if there wasn't any. Just hang in there.

Amanda said...

I don't know about lesbian drama because I really don't know that many lesbians, but if the drama that occurs between my girlfriend and I counts then yeah, it's a legitimate phrase. :)

P.S. Anyone mind listing those movies in the second clip. I recognized like 3 of them but the others??


Jen said...

Women are crazy. Put two of them together, you get double the crazy. Put a bunch of them together, all attracted to each other, and you get a warzone from time to time. My girlfriend and I had a fight about Thai food once...

Jessica said...

I don't think there is any less drama with straight couples... personally I think that women have their emotions more upfront and like to process verbally. But I would like to hope that that means we are evolving faster... I just read a study that claims simply naming your feelings is essential in keeping them from ruling you. I think we should all try to jump into the mix, and make ourselves vulnerable, and name our feelings no matter what. And for the love of all that is holy, remember how wonderful it is to be a woman and capable of such a plethora of feelings. To be so dynamic is a gift. If that makes you crazy, so be it! :)

Anonymous said...

i fall for people i can't have. and then i DONT end up with them. and then they leave. and then i fall for people i can't have.

arlan said...

wow anonymous (directly above)...i know that quote from somewhere...hmmm ...

i dont know if ending up with them is better than not though. we'll have to compare notes.

Anonymous said...

Lesbian Drama
Entered my life: early 2007
Who brought it: most recent ex, Ashley (19)
Where I live: Mississauga, Ontario
Where it comes from: Pickering/Ajax, Ontario

Lesbian drama was only a tv show theme and I had only recieved a bit of drama with 1 ex, then another but neither was bad. Until I met Ashley, who came along with her exes, friends, most of whom are the same people. Ajax/Pickering being 2 small cities, all the lesbians grew up, befriended, dated, and have remained friends.
It's REALLY weird. If you want a crash course in lesbian drama, head up there.


Bee said...

that second video gives me hardcore goosebumps.