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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

this sums up what i've been trying to achieve for forEVER:

"So my girlfriend and I just had really great sex and then we thought of you. We figured that you would appreciate a message from us letting you know that. We love your work and read your blog everyday and just thought you should know that we love you too. :)"

-from a reader...


oh my dear reader, you had me at "hello."

now the rest of you, get to it!


lynn said...

hahahaha aw, what a great post. really. =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlan, so just got back from a date with this really hot chick i've been tryin to get on a date for a few months now.. had a great time, but didn't get the courage to kiss her.. gutted!
Hope everything is going well with the moving and vanning [new word I just made up]
and I'm off now. fun fun.
nunite sweet xx