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Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegemite does a body (and a voice) good!

I don't know which way this chick rolls, but I do know that the next time I'm rolling with a chick, I wanna have Emma Russack's music playing in the background.

"my my, hey hey" neil young cover:


"no flag" written by Emma:

I'm so glad I stumbled upon her one night on youtube last week. I wanna hear her talk all Australian and stuff:-) But have you ever had vegemite?? It tastes like tar. And not the quality tar that they serve in France. Nope...just your average cigarette tar. Tar...hmmm...

Add Emma as a friend and hear more original songs @!


Anonymous said...

i think she's gotta be at least bi if not straight because her song was about not having a lover and she kept saying "bring him to me". although in my head she was singing, "bring her to me". she's amazing though. seriously amazing. thanks for posting, arlan!

Anonymous said...

Can I convert her? lol if she isn't already...(I hope)

Amanda said...

So I love her voice, like a lot. Not too fond of the second song only because she uses two chords and REALLY needs to transition somewhere so we get a sense of form... yeah. But awesome voice.

Anonymous said...

Ohh come on Vegemite isn't that bad, but I guess you have to be an Aussie to really appreciate it :-)

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with vegemite, i have it on me toast every morning!

Like the voice, not a fan of the song though