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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aw, look at Mcphee butchin' it up, just for me!

...and that rhymed.

you know what? my friend shastina is the wind beneath my wings and my rock, all at the same time. her wings, carry my rock, on a day to day basis.

she just snail mailed me some tear outs from the Summer/Fall issue of Cosmo mag. The pictures are delicious, but the quotes are to die for...

One of the pull quotes reads: "I love wearing some of my boyfriend's stuff, especially his shirts."

My answer to that is: "Her boyfriend is a 40-year old dude. Her wife is a patient 26-year old tall drink of mocha named Arlan. And her boyfriend's stuff looks best when it's on my bedroom floor."

Another pull quote reads: "I can hang with the guys. My dad ended up with two girls, so I was as close as it came to a boy."

My answer to that is: "Uuuh huh. You ain't never lied. And I wish it said "gays" instead of "guys" and "boi" instead of "boy." Let's really help your dad out and make a real man outta ya. I have already jotted down 14 ways we can get started."

When will I stop posting about Mcphee? After our first child is born. Agreed? K.


Iggyroo2000 said...

you can continue to put up pix of McPhee, she is especially hot with her hair straightened. that kinda of stuff never gets old.

Anonymous said...

i just thought it was kinda rude katharine didn't tell you about this photoshoot before...

though i guess it made a nice surprise. she's so caring like that.