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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Kick...and I Stretch!

I'm totally digging this comedian from Canada named Julia Stretch. I mean, just look at her name. That alone is enough reason to give her a couple of minutes of your time.

But add to it the fact that she's really funny, really cute, and really gay, and you've got yourself a recipe for a good time. I dig her stage presence and her *look*. Two enthusiastic thumbs up:-)

Risky business..

Really gay...

Add her as a friend @ and tell her I sent you.


Kerstyne said...

Hey, this will sound an odd request, I'm sure, but I am desperately looking for photos of female fauxhawks. I'm restyling my hair and can only find a few short versions of the do to give an idea of the cut I want - and I don't want the short version. I'm looking for at least 3 inches all around, and longer on the top.

I figure Arlan and the wonderful people here surly have some pictures or know somewhere I can get some. You can either leave me link, or the picture, or whatever at my blogger site. I appreciate it, ladies!

Pee Ess - Julia Stretch is amazing.

T.J. Soles said...

Great blog you've got here, Arlan! You're quite a find and so is your writing. I'll throw a link up on my blog, won't you do the same?

Anonymous said...

So Arlan...I just came across this. It might be of interest to you and others?