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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I told y'all to stop it...

I didn't even know Jerry Springer was still on. Thanks to kick ass reader Jess in North Carolina for sharing this with us. Definitely watch the whole thing cause it's very entertaining. But try not to pay too close attention to what they say, cause you might lose a few brain cells in the process.

If you didn't laugh at least 3 times during that, give me a call and we'll discuss your need to loosen up.

On a completely different note, does anyone know if Mike Myers plans on doing an Austin Powers 4? I saw the first one again on tv the other night AND plus there was that scene with Jerry Springer. So I guess its not too random. He seriously needs to give me more of all 'lat though. Please Mike Myers? Please?


Brian said...

lol, yeah when I was transitioning from the Florida to the Asheville (both nuclear submarines), I would stand watch at about the same time almost every day in a certain building, and right before I would leave I would sit down in uniform and watch Jerry Springer!!! Did you know that he's involved in politics? He ran for mayor of Chicago at one point. He's a moderate liberal. :-) (he supports gay marriage, abortion rights etc.)

Brian said...

in case that was confusing, I meant to say "right before I would leave the barracks to go stand watch" :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My...only in America...hah!

Anonymous said...

i love jerry springer i still watch it. they have had so many gay things . a couple i remeber that i liekd were " lesbian for a day" and this oen really hot blond girl in the audience flashed and said tto this other girl u can be my bitch haah

Anonymous said...

hah, both me and my non-english speaking grandmother love jerry.
she'd watch it just for the arguments and fights and cake throwing. it was her dirty little secret.

and FYI, today i came downstairs turned on the TV and jerry was on. it was near the end and a girl in the audience goes: "this is for tina, how about you leave them 2 guys and come home with me?" then 'tina' gets up and says: "okay hun, you know i will" and they walk together and start making out.
quite the way to start my day =)

green said...

dear arlan,



Jess from NC said...

hahahha. yay i'm glad you posted this. ^_^ talk to you soon, arlan! oh, and i'm still singleeee. XD;; hahah

crystal said...

Toss and turnt weave.

If I think hard about it, Jerry is probably the first place I ever saw a stud.
Thanks for the edumacacion Jerry!

Kae-Tee said...

Oh lawdy.
That one girl needs a new weave. Hahaha I was dying so bad through this whole clip. It takes me back to the good ol' days on the block when everyone was sleeping with everyone's man, girl, heshe, shemale, and beyond.

Gotta love the cousin wanting to get with her own cousin too. That was almost the highlight of the clip for me, but the top highlight had to be the fact that the chick in the middle owned both those bitches like bubba owns li'l willy in state pen. lol