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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"i'm gay. gay as 2 things at a gay parade..."

I had quite possibly the easiest/coolest coming out to a mother in recorded history. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. I'll let you be the judge...

I was 16 and had recently come to terms with my sexuality. I had a girlfriend who lived in Germany--yes, my fascination with the internationals has been going strong for years ain't a phase. My girlfriend and I were online chatting with each other, when my mom walked into my room. I quickly covered the screen because I didn't want her seeing what we were typing, even though I'm sure it was quite an innocent conversation. This is how the conversation with my mom went:

Mama: You don't have to hide the screen. I know everything about you that there is to know.

Me: Ha...yeah right. You don't know that I'm pregnant! (cause my mom and I have always had a very friendly relationship where we were comfortable joking like that.)

Mama: What I know about you, you won't be getting pregnant any time soon.

Me: *silent and stunned*

Mama: *looking at my walls like she's searching for something*

Me: What are you looking for?

Mama: An Ellen Degeneres poster.

Me: *silent and stunned*

Mama: *exeunt stage right*

My mom has since watched me go through 3 major relationships with women, and she adores each of these chicks almost as much as I did/do, as if they're her own daughters. She frequently calls me to tell me about something *gay* that she thinks you guys would like to know about. When she went to Chicago for the first time in May and saw the play "The Color Purple," she called me immediately after it was over to tell me about all of the lesbian under (and over) tones. She was saying all of this in front of a woman who has been her best friend for the past 40 years, and I could just hear her pride coming through the phone.

She's also said on more than one occasion that she'd go gay for Oprah and Martha Stewart. Can't beat that with a stick. My mama's just cool, y'all.

I found this chick who had a bit of a coming out on youtube yesterday...she's in high school and I dig her delivery. All you youngsters, check it out. And all you youngsters at heart, watch it and relive your coming out. Let's all hold hands and KumByYa it up in here.

UPDATE: September 21st! Click HERE to see why she had to take down her original vid, and to see her new vids!

See lots more of her videos on her youtube profile!


Jen said...

haha, that girl is pretty funny.

aisforalisha said...

fyi: coming out day is in october yay!!

Áine said...

Haha that was great.

swedishgirl said...

Hey Arlan, I have a video for you:

It's a swedish group... :)

Bee said...

Is it just me or does that girl remind anyone else of the beautiful Julia Stiles?


Kayla K. said...

Heyy, I know you can't exactly trust a comment to be true, but I'm the girl in that video. (I don't blame anyone who's skeptical that it's actually me...) Anyways thanks to ydlm for posting my video in your blog... my subscriber number has literally doubled in the past day :)

And also thanks for all the lovely comments, people. I've been compared to Julia Stiles lookwise before :)

Bee said...

Aaargh! I'm so blushing right now!

but seriously. HOT.

lucidreamer said...

Kayla...if I were an 18 year old girl, I'd be all over you like white on rice.

Moving along shall we...I too had an uneventful coming family was all supportive and stuffs. That was great, it was, but really I was expecting some gasps and what not. But the thing that is most funny: THEY ALL KNEW! Why not give a gal a break and let HER in on it?!?! hmm, hmm?!?!

deeronpath said...

yeah the ellen thing... my mom referenced that 2 years ago when i told her... i'm 35 now but its never to late.

much love!

Anonymous said...

OMG This girl rocks! Ok so there need to be girls like that around here... where is she from again? She's really cute too! lol

Lisa Marie said...

I love it!

Dayna said...

I agree about the Julia Stiles comment. Thats exactly what I was thinking. Great job on the video!!

Auna said...

Aww, you and your mom seem to just get it right. I wish my mom was that open and receptive ~*looks around for the Ellen DeGeneres poster*~ lmbgao...funny!

ButchyFemme said...

Have you guys read this coming out story? It reminds me of If These Walls Could Talk 2 ^^

Kae Tee said...

Hahaha that chick is amazing. Go girl. You guys are so lucky to have had such an accepting coming out situation. So many people don't get that lucky.

Amanda said...

I was watching some of her other videos and she mentioned going to the same place where I live to go camping. Weeeeeeeeeird.