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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Usually my ass leaves the impression, not the other way around..."


Waffle Panties?
by Jescas! (pictured above)

Yes, that's right. I said "Waffle Panties." I dont mean edible undies, you freaks. Although, if Aunt Jamima ever gets tired of showing off her boobies for the syrup bottle, she could make some extra cash by making waffle flavored undies. So, I spent the entire day wearing some weird Victoria's Secret panties that look like this. (If you didnt get a good look at em, go ahead, click the link again. I wont tell your mom you're really staring at the girl) I found these buried deep in the recesses of my dresser. I tore through my drawers trying to find something that more closely resembled these. Hot right? I know. Instead I wore the horrible lacy undies.

I did this for two reasons. A: I was all out. All my other underwear was hang-drying or dirty. And B: I wanted something to blog about. You see? I sacrificed my ASS for this. So now that I am at the end of my day, my ass is waffled. The thick lace has left an impression on my ass. Usually my ass leaves the impression, not the other way around!

Moral of the story kiddies: Unless you enjoy the feeling of tough lace branding your ass, don't wear lacy Victoria's Secret hip hugging undies.

Now the underwear I personally like is ALL ova this vid. Not to mention, its displayed in the classiest of ways. Go 'head, give your eyes some candy:

*Note from Arlan: I love what my friend Jescas has to say about just about I asked her to write for the blog every once in a while. Show her some love:-) Also, I am currently NOT looking for any other guest bloggers. If that changes, I will definitely let you guys know! For now, sit back and watch that vid again;-)


Amanda said...

I have to agree on the underwear. I wear the classic bikini style or the low-rise bikini style and I CANNOT stand lace. I also have to say I don't enjoy having a string up my ass either.

keira said...

plus jescas is pretty cute too.

Anonymous said...

i think were going to have to agree to disagree about this one. sexy>comfortable. plus i love lace. and i dont really think its that uncomfortable. but then again i might do less sitting than the average person wearing lace underpants. and when i DO wear them, they dont stay on for long when my girlfriends around ;)

Anonymous said...'re amazing...any friend of Arlan's (esp. one so friggin' gourgeous) should DEFINITELY be a friend o' mine, for us with delicate "privates" (albeit that some of us keep them less private than others)lacey panties are the bain of our existence, we want to wear them (for a bit [bite] of time) but without clothes or with a white skirt or a mini and then damn them they betray us, ruthlessly marking that which they where meant to be "delicates" for...Victoria lies and her secret is that she's a trooper (a hot trooper, not the scarey storm kind) but also negligent in her realistic tagged time limit ("They're expensive, they MUST be comfy") no, no, no it should say NOT FOR DAILY USE, FOR THE GOOD STUFF THAT UNFORTUNEATELY WE CANNOT DO ALL DAY Yours truly, Jozzelle

Anonymous said...

jescas yummy :P

Suddle D said...

I am just glad that someone is able to finally take on my two favorite subjects, Waffles and Ass. Both are great when they are warm, lightly golden, and they taste great with syrup....