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Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm still not sure why I did the robot...

if you missed last night's live webcam chat with some of the chicks from GIRLTRASH (and my um...appearance?) here are the two shows:




thank you to everyone who came in and asked questions, chatted or just lurked. it was a lot of fun and Lisa, Riki and Michelle are all really nice girls. im still going to buy a webcam and do a little something from my apartment. and hopefully, i'll convince myself to get on camera;-) i'll keep you posted on a time/date!


k8ydid said...

aw you looked cute :P and not many can accomplish that while robotting... question though, do you know who the girl with the cake was?

RavenNation said...

Last night was amazing. They put me on cam in the second chat, which was kinda cool, but I didn't really have any questions or anything, so I just gave the girls my love.

Near the end of the night we started doing Arlan sightings. I think there were a few times where you went across the back of screen, and whenever you would do that, it'd be like "Arlan!" It was fun.

You should really do your own chats, or join the Killola chats every once in a while.

Kae said...

I would totally show up for an Arlan chat.

You rock my happy places like a great big rocky rock thing.

Brenna said...

You doing the robot was my favorite part!

k8ydid: The girl with the cake is named Bridget.